Saturday, 29 January 2011

Liese Hair Cocktail Lite Review

I've bought this product ages ago and i wanted to test it long enough before i reviewed it.Here's what i think of it.


Simple clear box with enough English instructions at the back. You can tell it's a moisturizing hair serum from the smaller print cos hair cocktail just doesn't make any sense. Hey wait a minute, i think i get it. It's a drink for your hair.OK corny.

Price: RM 32. Still affordable.

Scent: A nice mixture of prune and peach. I know.. prune? But trust me it's surprisingly nice.Not overwhelmingly strong.Will not trigger allergy in sensitive nosed husband.

How to use :

I bet you didn't bother reading. Anyway this video is more effective in conveying how to use it.

Cautions and ingredients: Refer to picture below.

Verdict: It nourishes my hair and leaves no sticky feeling on my hair..only on my hands. It's a good idea to wash it off your hands once you're done transferring it to your hair.My hair feels soft and manageable after using it.The scent is nice too.. BUT.... it does nothing for my flyaway strands of hair! It's still frizzy and flying away.

Would i repurchase this: Only if there are no newer products to try.I wanna find something that can tame my pesky fly away strands of hair!


Pammy said...

It sounds interesting because of "cocktail" but sad it does not totally work for you. Hope you find a better product. :)

Re: Chinese temples and feng shui in the Philippines, there are lots and lots of Chinese here in the Philippines and there are even Chinese and Filipino-Chinese communities here, thus, the Chinese temples and Feng Shui booths. A lot of Pinoys are big on Feng Shui and fortune telling. On my mom's side, we also have a bit of Chinese and some of my cousins are half Chinese. ;)

saltvinegar said...

Thanks Pammy!
I really do not know much about the Philippines but one thing i know, they are now showing a pinoy drama 'the two of us' on primetime singapore tv.And the actors look i dunno 'mixed' is the only word to describe it.

xin said...

I really like hair care products reviews cos the ends of my hair is quite damaged and I'm trying to fix it XD But I'm not sure if liese is quite good. I thought their hairdyes are not that good? But i like the packaging! And sometimes can't resist of buying products cos of their packaging >.< argh weird XD

saltvinegar said...

hi xin!
I have the same problem. The models all look great too. The hair dyes are super convenient but really dries the scalp and hair!

jeNNie ♥ said...

Liese Bubble Hair dries up the scalp? Oops I plan to redye my hair with their product months later!

p.s. Spot your pink keyboard! So kawaii♥


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