Monday, 7 February 2011

Free Juicy Couture Iphone landyard and calender

I had been looking out for the magazine Milk X ever since i read that it came with a Juicy Couture Iphone landyard and screen cleaner. The magazine was out in November and i poped by Kinokinuya in Singapore Ngee Ann City to have a look and it had already been sold out. KLCC doesn't even seem to sell the magazine Milk X.

So it was with a heavy heart that i dropped all hopes of ever getting the coveted freebie.

Much to my surprise my ever keen eyes landed on the cover of a very familiar looking magazine while i was browsing through racks and racks of magazines in Harris Bookstore at Tebrau City Johor Bahru.

I was ecstatic but did not want to get my hopes up as yet as the freebie was not packaged together with the magazine. It is not uncommon for many bookstores to bring in the magazine without the freebies. Plus, there was no indication whatsoever that a freebie came along with the magazine. I mean you would want to promote the magazine to help it sell faster with the extra motivation of a branded gift with purcase right?

The magazine was also rather cheap (RM11) as compared to my many Japanese magazines.I double checked with the sales girl.She didn't even have to check.Her eyes lit up and said 'YES YES this magazine comes with a freebie!'

She probably bought it herself. 'Go and pay first i'll get the gift for you.'

I gleefully paid and the cashier said absolutely nothing about the free gift.No wonder then that there are 2 magazines left on the shelf but three freebies left. They probably get to keep the extra unclaimed freebies. They also still had the Voce issue with Paul and Joe notebook.

Any here's what the magazine looks like.

No clue at all that Juicy Couture awaits.

The freebie comes in a nicely packaged state.

Close up of the milky pink landyard.

The calender was more of an extra.

These were the nicest pages of the calender. The rest were not so great.But pink nevertheless.

Sad thing is the Juicy Couture label is just a stick on. Remove the sticker and it's just a plain old landyard.

The back of the screen cleaner. Super duper dust catcher. I have not used it yet and already it's dotted with dust.

Choose Juicy! The front of the screen cleaner.

I don't care if the magazine is old, i'm here for the freebie.

Harris bookstore is a subsidiary of Popular bookstore so they may have it at Popular too. Grab it if you're a Juicy fan!

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