Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Voce with Paul & Joe notebook

I couldn't believe my eyes when i saw a magazine with a substantially worth it freebie at Popular bookstore of all places. No it can't be. There must be a catch. Very suspicious.

It was the September issue of Voce (Taiwan/HK) and it comes with a hardcover Paul & Joe notebook. Or so that's what it says on the cover. I remember reading it on Rouge Deluxe a couple of months back and how she finally managed to track it down in Page One Singapore.

So you can't blame me for not believing my eyes when such a hot freebie should appear on Malaysian shores in Popular bookstore of all places with a sweet price of RM8.80. Granted it is an outdated copy. But let's not kid myself i don't buy the magazines to read.

So this is the magazine wrapped in plastic indicating there might actually be some gift inside.

Then i inspected every magazine (there were about 5)  and every one of them had a breach at the bottom of the plastic covering..indicating all the notebooks have been taken out. But then i notice the all important sticker "collect free gift at Chinese department".

I was all set to buy it!

But,husband said, 'Sure you don't want to check at the Chinese counter first?"

So i checked and became kiasu auntie type.

Anyway of course the freebies are there. It's written on the magazine right?

Gorgeous hardcover notebook with elastic band to keep it closed.

And every page is printed with Paul & Joe flower motifs.

Unexpected find indeed. I bought it at Sunway Pyramid Popular boookstore, but i was at Ipoh today (why i travel so much?) and i saw many copies in Kinta City Popular bookstore too. So i guess it is available at every Popular Bookstore.

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