Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Jay Chou 'The Era 2011 World Tour' sales

Compared to Singapore, the tickets were not sold out in 2 hours but the frenzy was equally as crazy! As indicated in the previous post, there are various ways to purchase the ticket. The official launch was at KL Sogo where the first 1500 people can buy the tickets at 10% off the normal price. The easier option of course is to buy online or just hop over to a Speedy outlet to purchase the tickets. VVIP tickets could not be purchased online so you either have to go to Speedy or line up in front of Sogo. And many people opted for the latter option.

This video shows how crazy it was over there.

Damn long la the lines and it was snaking to the roads too!
My hubby and i were contemplating whether to buy tickets online. The online system was jammed and many people were unable to enter the site normally. Luckily we found an alternative way to enter the site and managed to purchase the tickets quite easily. The site only got easier to access at around 1.30pm. By then many of the good seats have been taken up.

Meanwhile my friend Nicole was lining up in Sogo since 9am and only got her tickets at 1 something! Luckily she went early though. I was on my way to Ipoh that day at 2pm when news came that it was raining in KL! The poor fans have to brave slow lines, long hours, no seats and now rain?! All for Jay Chou!

Jay Chou has really managed to appeal to a vast audience regardless of gender, age or race. My friend is getting tickets for her mom (so modern right?) and i see a few Malay girls in the video queuing up at Sogo too!

This better be a damn good concert!

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