Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Even more Daiso stuff

As you can probably tell if you've been reading my blog, i go to Daiso every chance i get. What can i say? I love low priced Japanese designed/ conceptualized (but probably made somewhere else like China) products.

And here are two separate mini hauls.

One Utama Daiso buy.

1) Caramel corn in maple syrup (i actually bought the butter/honey version as well but had already eaten it in the cinema)
2) Double eye lid stickers
3) Zip lock bag
4) Clam flavoured miso paste
5) Mentaiko rice garnish

Sunway Pyramid Daiso buy

1) Silicon baking moulds ( do you know how hard it is to find moulds of this kind in Slim River?)
2) Rice flour to make mochi
3) Pack of two dish cloths
4) Perfect sized oil blotter refills for my Samantha Tiara oil blotter case. See here.
5) Wet wax sheet? Ok i seriously thought i bought wet floor wipes. But then realizes after buying it had wax on them. Not really sure if i can use it here. Looks like it's for wooden flooring.

I really love Daiso.

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DeyiMizu said...

Nice haul~I love Daiso too:)


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