Friday, 5 November 2010

Ocean Monkeys day 1 and 2

I regard day 1 as the day i put the eggs in. And the day when the water sat around for conditioning as day 0.
So Day 1. Eggs in.

I did not put all the eggs in just in case i mess up and needed to start over. After a few hours, still no hatching. Thanks to plussizedkitten i realized i needed to use the whole packet of conditioning powder after all.So 5 hours after i put in my eggs i added the 3/4 packet of water conditioner and hoped for the best.

And today at day 2 i see so many baby ocean monkeys swimming around in an erratic pattern.

Yeah i have a bowlful of happiness!Note to self : must remember to feed them on day 4.


Miss Shahadah said...

heyyy i jz bought myself these too! mine is about day 2 (36hours)! gud luck to us!

saltvinegar said...

oooh good luck.. do u see babies swimming around now?

Norman said...

Put in all the water conditioning powder?

Norman said...

Pour in all the water conditioning powder?

saltvinegar said...

Yup the whole sachet should be poured in.. i think it provides oxygen..

eric17twins said...

LOL i should have did survey before trying to attempt buying one. but i did!!!

so now i just put in the eggs after the filtered water with conditioning powder for 12 hours liao. awaiting the eggs to be hatch. but i didnt stir it after i put the conditioning powder ><

saltvinegar said...

Don't fret u can still gently stir if you wish to.

Do tell me if ur sea monkeys live! I'm planning whether to try again.I think the problem is oxygen.


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