Monday, 22 November 2010

January issues of Japanese Mags

Here are some others worth watching for.

Can cam comes with Loccitane  Rose body cream sachet 8mls (tiny) and 40cm x 40cm scarf/handkerchief.Picture from Cancam official website.

Biteki comes with a Maybelline 2011 diary and a Jino pouch and Aminoceutical cream.

Minna comes with a floral Isbit 2011 diary.

And Kate Spade 2011 calender (looks good) and mouse pad with Baila January issue.

Non-no with 2 way (u can use the strap 2 ways, long and short) Milkfed bag.

Spur comes with a small vial of Chloe Love perfume and Laduree (yums the macaroon makers) calender. Tempted to get this just for the Laduree calender..

Picture from Spur magazine official website.

Omg macaroons on calenders.. i like..

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