Saturday, 27 November 2010

Jay Chou Concert 2011 Malaysia

Update: Concert experience part 1 and part 2. 

Yes, he's coming and we definitely want to be part of the concert of the year. By 'we' i mean my hubby and I. He did not use to listen to mandopop but somehow Jay Chou's musical genius got him intrigued.

And by a stroke of luck, citibank, and my hubby's computer skills, we managed to secure two VIP tickets in the 4th row at 10% off. Woo hoo.. contemplated to buy more and sell it to cover the tickets but guilt got into the way of business savvy.

Anyway here's the concert info so far.

Jay Chou The Era 2011 World Tour (but of course we know he already finished touring rest of the world in 2010 and decided to schedule good old Malaysia in 2011) at Putra Indoor Stadium. Thanks God it's Putra cos its indoor (bring it on rain), air conditioned (no sweat pls?) and rather small and private compared to the silly Bukit Jalil stadium (went for a Sun Yan Zi concert way back and the venue sucks).

Seating plan.


Rock: RM 760
VVIP: RM 700 (row 1-5) , RM600 (row 6 onwards)
VIP:RM 480
PS1:RM 330
PS2:RM 230
PS3:RM 130

5% discount if you buy it online today
10% discount if you but it at the SOGO launch today starting at 11 am
(Discounts only valid for first 1500 tickets)

For a more complete price list visit ticket charge site here.

When i bought the tickets yesterday it looks like many seats for the 5th of March have been sold out.I guess the fanclub Myjaysians have all but booked the rock and VVIP zones.You could actually pre-order tickets from them before the official ticket launch! Ish.. should have done that.

Your best bet of getting a ticket today is:

1: Lining up at Sogo. My friend Nicole is there and the queue at 9 am was already long.
2: Lining up at Speedy. Here are the list of stores.They can actually print the tickets out there and then for you.
3. In the meantime ask your friend to start calling ticket charge. Phone number: 03-92228811 (but it's open 12-6pm on Saturday but ticket launch starts at 11am? hmm..
4. While lining up try to buy online. But be warned the ticket charge website seems to be a let down. Many people were unable to access the site to buy the tickets yesterday when it was open to citibank card members.Even the 'buy tickets' link is not up.Here's the site anyway.They can courier the tickets to you.

Good luck everyone! Hope everyone gets a ticket!


Anonymous said...

Cool!! It was sold out when I wanted to try! - Lynda

saltvinegar said...

did you get it in the end? You are cousin Lynda right?

Anonymous said...


But I can't get it still..
Now left with the Rock Zone.. so still wondering should I try that, but its so way expnsive!!! - Lynda

Anonymous said...

wa you got quoted

anyway if you wanna sell the tickets by any chance, do tell me

saltvinegar said...

wow i got quoted.!! But never credit me also. Who is this anyway? I know someone who has extra tickets.

cyt said...

Hi, I wan to buy ticket. Can u pls email me : many thanks

saltvinegar said...

I'm sorry CYT, i sold it to my cousin and another pair is reserved by the classmate of a friend.

Anonymous said...

hi there, i hv extra 2 tickets, is block U6, rm233.
please gv me a call if anyone wants the tickets,.. thank you.

my number is 012-5123722



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