Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Sushi making

The other day, me and my girl/ neighbour/ colleague decided to get together to make some sushi all thanks to her husband's not too subtle hints. (He bought a sushi making kit!)

If you remember  i've tried making sushi and onigiri before. I even wrote a guide on it here  and boasted about it here.

But this is the first time getting together with a friend to make sushi., and boy was it fun! Even though we took about 2 hours.

You can read about our efforts here in her blog.

Me, i'm just here to show you my artsy photos.All shot on I-phone.

We just anyhow 'hantam' and ended up with unagi and crabstick sushi with some tamago and cucumber rolls.

JH's favourite inari.. which was really easy to do.. he did it all himself.. *proud*. Just buy pre-made inari skin and stuff with sushi rice.

Last but not least we made some yummy crabstick mayo sushi, and random sushi rolls some of which was covered generously with ebiko. 

If you want to do this yourself and do not have a sushi making kit to guide you, here's a video i found which was really fun to watch and teaches a bit about the fundamentals of making sushi rice (of course i omited the sesame seeds and ginger.. yuck) and tamago (rolled omelette).

Ha ha and it's called cooking with the dog.

And our efforts were yummy delicious! Don't forget to buy wasabi and soy sauce cos it just won't be the same without bacteria busting wasabi.

On an entirely different note, i just got myself a Japanese inspired hair cut which was actually just a rehash of a haircut of my 7 year old self.

Great to cover pimples and wrinkles... i know i know what a weird combo.They say that if you have pimples you won't wrinkle easily as your skin is full of sebum? What crap.. it is not true at all.What's important is the elasticity of your skin and bird-like eater me probably does not have enough colagen in her body. Oh well... will try to eat more


Anonymous said...

hi,where can get the premade inari skin?

saltvinegar said...

I bought it at the supermarket at Isetan. I think certain Jusco's carry it too. It's a flat packed package at the Japanese section.


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