Thursday, 26 November 2009

Random sushi and lovely gifts

Really forgot about posting my previous sushi efforts.

Here are the tools of the trade all bought in one day at the recent Japanese Food Fair.

Everyone was buying things as if it were going for free.

Here is the whole haul. From left to right (upper row) Wasabi (very very kao), Sushi vinegar (though IMHO the powder premix tastes better), sushi rice flavouring, Inari pouches. Bottom row: Unagi, more sushi rice flavouring and sushi mould.

Jin Hui's favourite. Stuff some rice and it tastes like the real thing.

This gives the rice flavour. Normally used for onigiri. Bought 2 mixed packes.

As you can see each big pack comes in 5 flavours. But if you're cooking for many people buy the normal size packs cos each small packet is barely enough to flavour one scoop of rice.

Tadaa~ end result.

Woo and before i forget i have to show what pretty gifts i've gotten from my friends over the past 3 months.

Shimmer cubes from Tian Ling, all the way from UK.

Baju Kebaya top from Tahirah! OMG the beading is so intricate!

Very pretty with hand sewn beads~

And last but not least, pretty pearl bracelet from Zuraihan all the way from Sabah!

Wa.. the good things in life are free~ Thanks a million guys~


shinchee said...

remember to treat me with sushi when i go to slim river later ok? haha...

saltvinegar said...

haha you bring some raw salmon and timun la i make for you.


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