Friday, 20 November 2009

JH's birthday celebration

It's the time of the year again. And i have all but given up doing the impossible.. surprise JH on his bday. Seriously who wouldn't find it fishy when u suddenly ask him out for a fancy dinner on or nearing his bday. Din plan to do anything for him initially since he doesn't bother anyway. But since his good pal is the one who initiated it.. then play along lor.

After JH was 'ajak-ed' out straight away he told me.. i smell something fishy. There you go.. surprise fail again.

It didn't help that Daniel the pharmacist went and asked him 'Hey, what time is your birthday party again?'

Haha we're too old for surprises anyway.

The unsurprised birthday boy.But he was touched la i could see it.

Guess what flavour.. Choco banana..again~

Daniel and Patricia with Jh.

Haha i dunno what Leow was trying to achieve? Dodging the camera or getting into view?

Dunno what i was doing either.Swatting flies?

The god this about a high resolution camera is it captures things you probably did not notice while you were at the place to begin with. Note at theupper left corner of the above pic- an order chart. When i zoomed in to it, i realized its to order tier cakes!A 3 tier Secret recipe cake will set you back Rm 550!

And of course the mandatory group pic.Credits to Chan standing at the left side for organizing!

Till next year!

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