Monday, 30 November 2009

Gift with purchase

OMG look what i found. OK ok i did not exactly find it Rouge deluxe sure did.Finally i found the perfect website. This person is amazing.She actually knows what gift with purchase will be in store for the coming months.

And so far i am eyeing this.

Samantha Tiara multicase and a Relax Kuma calender. Free with the Jan 2010 edition of Steady (Japanese fashion magazine) Will hit bookshops on Dec 7th. (Hint hint Daniel are u reading this?)

Wah drooling already. I wonder if they have this in Malaysia? I love free gift with purchases though technically i'm paying for a mag i cant read. Go figure.

The website is here with a video where some random girl introduces their star gifts with purchase. Sigh.. why can't all mags be like this?


Shin said...

OOooohh cool!
i wonder if we can get this mag in m'sia?

saltvinegar said...

Yup yup of course but it's not easy to get it..i wrote an entry about how i managed to obtain this mag.You can read it here ( Its RM40++ in Malaysia though.

You'll have to call KInokuniya KLCC to book the next sea shipment.


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