Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Today was not a lepak day at all.. spent the whole day conducting the PALS course on top of doing some ward work. And more to come tomorrow with me being on-call too. Sheesh.. i  just wanna rest and have holidays everyday~ Ha ha well i can dream can't I?

Well have random pictures to post.

One being awesome freebies with magazine i got in Singapore for my mom. Sorry i'm a sucker for freebies and this magazine 'Amica' (some high end fashion magazine at a low end price) comes with 4  perfume samples. In Malaysia you can hardly ever get even one! I was tempted to buy Female Sg as well as it came with a miniature Flower by Kenzo perfume but i figured it would be too heavy to lug back home to JB.

Four!! Perfume samples for the price of one magazine S$6.00! Love it!

Narciso Rodriguez perfume and essence for him and her!

Wa ha ha so there you go. I am so lazy to post up anything else.Leave that to the next post and when i'm less exhausted.Leaving you with the cutesy purikura pic we took~ haha and JH looked like he actually enjoyed it too!



shin chee said...

wow, so u r now conducting PALS already? i still havent joined any PALS course yet... thinking of taking one next yr, cos got enough CPD points now, haha..

that purikura pic is so cute! both of u looked lovely... and judging from the pic, looks like jin hui also kinda enjoy dat, haha...

have a good call!

saltvinegar said...

Yeah la cos my boss very semangat wanna organize like twice a year. So we as MO's have to be instructor lor.Ya ya take next year..lotsa points. But i think Ipoh de can learn more. Slim River de sure pass haha.

You noe why he's so happy or not? Cos he won money at the highlands lor.

Wey ur place enuf MO ma?

jh said...

if u win 800 bucks from uncle lim
your day will just shine as brightly as the sun

shin chee said...

yup, definitely will take one next year, cos they also organising quite frequently...

wasei, JH so lucky la, earn better than locum then, haha... come la visit me, hoho...

well so far MO is quite sufficient la, but less luxurious when i first joined hosp sg siput... we got max 11 MOs working, now left 7 of us... luckily my pengarah willing to on call so no rants la, haha...

when u plan to work in tertiary hospital? coming back ipoh or JB?

saltvinegar said...

wa so nice ler.. not bad la.. u noe Tapah only got 5 nia.. haha tht also they steal one from Gerik.

I wanna go JB!! Ipoh no more gua .. none of our hometowns also..but very comfortable here at the moment.

Where else on-call can sleep one??

Wey dun encourage JH or he every week also wanna go.


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