Saturday, 24 August 2013

The reason

The reason for my long hiatus from blogging was because i got pregnant, had some complications, delivered had more complications, breastfed, more complications, work, cue even more complications.

So you see, i've been pretty knackered dealing with the lethargy of pregnancy and the multitudes of complications. A new mother would probably be cursing if she experienced one complication of pregnancy. I on the other hand seem to be encountering everything in the medical books, one after another. Dear God please stop training me anymore. I think i'm mentally strong enough now, but thank you anyway.

I really want to one day write my ordeal down and really purge it out of my system. Also, if i quarrel with my girl in the future i can direct her to the webpage.

Anyway, the main purpose of my blog post, to introduce to you baby Kim.

She makes me feel everything is worth it.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Freebies at Kinokuniya

It's been ages since i've blogged and for a good reason too! But the reson is so long i'll reserve it for the next blog post. What i want to blog now is so that you know the wonderful offers in Kinokuniya at the moment. I was scratching my head as to which one to buy.

Tatler Malaysia August 2013 magazine comes with a Linden Leaves Radiant Exfoliating wash apparently full sized and apparently worth RM118(based on theSkintopic facebook page). Offer while stocks last in Kinokuniya. But when i saw the freebie (there was a sample at the counter), it looked more like a sample size to me.It was a pretty decent sample size though and the colour of the exfoliating wash looked really interesting.

But then the Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty magazine August/September issue comes with a dr.dream andvanced anti-aging starter and travel kit worth RM550. Granted this magazine is RM5 more expensive than the Tatler, it still made more sense to go with dr dream which is apparently from a well known Korean cosmetic surgery group. There were no examples of the starter kit displayed, but since it's limited to one per customer i figured it must be good.

And i was not disappointed. The box was huge, and came with 5 products, 4 of which were encased in glass bottles/containers and 1 sachet.

The starter kit consists of a sachet ofUrban Protective Advanced BB Cream1ml, Advanced Facial Treatment Cream 8g, Hydramemory Deep Active Moisturizer 15g, Advanced Facial Treatment Serum 8ml, Advanced Facial Treatment Toner 20ml.

The magazine was an interesting read as well. Only available at Kinokuniya KLCC while stocks last.

(Picture credits to Cosmetic Beauty and Surgery FB page - too lazy to take my own pics)


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