Sunday, 28 February 2010

Even more rejected wedding photos

Firstly to clarify, rejected wedding photos does not mean they are hideous, just that choosing 50 photos out of 195 photos, inevitably even nice photos are gonna get the cut. Sometimes the photographer takes a series of shots to get the right angle and lighting so invariably a few of them are gonna look the same.These are a few of the photos that did not make the cut cos there is another picture in the almost exact same pose that looks better.

Here i present you, the-almost-made-its.

They're gonna be a lot alike what you're gonna see in the actual album.. which i'm still pondering long and hard over. Wish me luck!

Friday, 26 February 2010

More rejected wedding photos

The good thing about having all the soft copies back is that i can slowly view the photos and scrutinizing every flaw.There are so many photos with 'feel' but of course we are not models and we can't look great in every photo but you can tell the photographer put a lot of thought and climbing into different angles to take the photos.

Here is part 2 of the rejected ok photos. Part 1 is the post before and photographers pick is here.

Sneaking up behind the bushes.

This looked pretty simple to do right? But no!We were actually on the second floor of an abandoned building over run by trees. Seriously from here it was at least 3 metres down.Maybe thats why JH is squeezing my arm so hard.

Further proof. Can you imagine how i got up there in my long tailed dress? Ugh!And how did the photographer take the shot? Standing even more precariously on the edge of the worn out stairs which had no railing and he was really arching backwards  so he had a variety of distance shots too.My God the occupational hazards!

This one i think he took lying down or sitting down.


The famous painting in Heritage Hotel.. ok this had nothing to do with difficult angles, just want to put it up cos its not nice enough for the album but too cute to pass.

I thought this one would be really nice cos it certainly turned out well on JH's I-phone.. but ugh i think my feet spoiled it.. and not easy to climb up there mind you!

Its great to be looking at the photos and seeing lots of different styles! My only grouse is that my ill-fitting purple dress really spoiled quite a number of pictures.remember girls, never ever accept an ill-fitting dress especially if they say they can tape it up on the day of the shoot.

The rest of the dresses were altered to fit like a dream.

Just confimed my JB photographer! Things are shaping up!

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Rejected wedding pics

Yeah I've finally gotten the CD woots woots and being a completely decisive person i have no problem cutting down the 195 photos i have to 83 in a single sitting by myself. JH would rather i do it anyway and seriously i can pick out so many flaws on this face of mine so it was pretty easy. Did not do it with a friend- the only friends i have here are my colleagues- cos i'm so easily influenced sometimes.I'm getting it done fast cos i want my album out in time since my photos took so long.Oh yeah after bugging them for my pics for quite some time- it all boiled down to speaking to the right person. I spoke to the boss and wa la within 10 minutes he called me back to tell me my pics are ready for collection! Yeah! And even though i am rather finicky i found myself pleased with most of the photos. So yes the wait was sort of worth it.

Here i present to you the ok rejected pictures.

Look too scheming.


 Not happy enough-both!


Chubby face~

Fake smile.

Been done too many times.Bordering on corny.

Again looking scheming- like the cat who got the cream.

Just a chance for me to post up this natural group shot.

We look too small.

Lost in the woods.

People in the background.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Ramblings of the sick

I'm still waiting to recover from my lenghty illness. Currently in my 7th day of illness, i am getting increasingly lazy and woozy. A quick recap back to the eve on CNY where i had big plans for this precious 1 week Lunar New Year holiday- meet relatives and friends, get my guest list ready, book a gown,photographer, see venue, print cards.. but nooo.. i jst had to get sick!

being sick doesn't mean i can't do all these things? Well how do i do all these if i can't even speak without exploding into a phlegm parade?I'm getting more and more anxious as the date is slowly creeping up on me.

I try to push it out of my consciousness and think about other things to make me feel better.

At the height of my illness, i thought to myself : when was the last time i got sick?Seriously though can't rememeber but i'm sure it had been at Slim River and it lasted all of 2 days.

Which is worse? Being sick or nursing a broken heart?

Being sick definitely ranks right up there in the list of crummy ordeals! So i really can't make up my mind. The problem with being in a stable relationship for the past 5 years is that the feeling of heartbreak i last had 10 years ago feels kind of blunted.But i do remember crying a lot and listening to a lot of Jay chou break up songs and actually relating to the lyrics. Creepy emotional shit.Oh sorry i'm just rambling on and on with no actual purpose for this post. Hmm.. sickness is acute and you feel better once its over but heartbreak is chronic and you really can't seem to see an end to it. Hmm.. so maybe sickness is better.

I better stop here cos Ben is starting to tease me now. Ugh brothers..

Friday, 19 February 2010

Still sick

Today is day 6 of illness and i'm still feeling like crap. I can't open my mouth without breaking into uncontrollable bouts of coughing.

What a killjoy  to my 9 days of so i thought heavenly luxuriously wonderful much-deserved holiday.

Let me count the ways of how this Chinese New Year just sucks.

1)Signs of things to come? Just 2 days before the eve of CNY, my phone went kaput. On my last on-call day before hols. Lost all contacts.Had to report my whereabouts in the hospital to the operator everytime i moved.

2) Sick on New Year's day. Initially mild coryza symptoms.

3) Skipped 2nd day of New Year celebration cos still having fever and sore throat.

4) In Desaru, car which was parked in an allocated parking lot got banged from behind sometime at night when we were blissfully unaware watchig American Idol. Perpetrator left no note. Somewhere out there i hope the blind driver gets all my germs and bad luck.

5) On the way back from Desaru to Jb, car engine stalled suddenly!Luckily managed to park at the side of the road. Cousin helped to contack tow truck operator. Made over 20 calls before he got someone cos it's still the CNY period. Towed car to service centre, which was still closed on chu 5! Just left the car there.

6) Still sick. Bought Augmentin which costs me RM 61.20 a box. Daylight robbery! To think we are giving it for free in government hospitals.

7)Still hoping to get well before Monday cos i am on-call! Groan..

Monday, 15 February 2010


It's the best time of the year! Chinese New Year the much awaited reunion with my loved ones and yet i just had to fall sick.

Could have been the lack of sleep.
Could have been the travelling.
Or could have been the talking and sometimes yelling since i got home.
My voice is so soft i sometimes have to yell to be heard!
And now my nose is leaking and feels warm evertime i exhale.
My throat is rough like sandpaper, a mere chocolate sending it into full blown sore throat hell.
I'm coughing on and off.
I still have generalised myalgia and low grade fever despite QID paracetamol.

Everyday looking at sick children and i don't get sick.
Come back to JB and terus sick liao!


Loved meeting up with boisterous relatives!
Took lots of pictures.
Marveled at how everyone is so grown up now!

And hopefully i'll be able to meet my beloved but long time never meet friends.

I'll be free from chu 4 onwards.

So drop me a message people!

Oh and my phone just broke down and so i lost all my contacts so i really don't know who is messaging me at all. urk.

Now using my mom's amazing China phone that can be used to watch TV and play bejewelled!

And the battery life is much longer than my old Motorola.

Friday, 12 February 2010


Look what i found at night in the mail on my last on-call before Chinese New Year!

Lots and lots of blue tac! Thanks so much Johnson!

Goes to show there is still kindness in the world!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone and may everyone have a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Happy Birthday to me

Another birthday which means Chinese New Year is around the corner too!

Thanks to my girls for the 'almost surprise' celebration! Love you gals!

Thursday, 4 February 2010

I love Glee

Working in a hospital is a drama daily even in a small hospital like Slim River. There are gossips and topics of conversation everyday. I hardly go by a day without scolding someone or i'm sad to say nagging. What with housemen now in my hospital, i start picking up their mistakes, the nurses mistakes, and it's really sad when the medical students seem better in comparison.In stressful situations i tend to raise my voice.Funny prior to working i never had that. Quite meek and never confrontational. People change hopefully for the better.

Today i went for a blood donation drive, and even then i could not tolerate inefficiencies.Don't wanna elaborate but all i can say is I'm really frank and if something is wrong i will make sure people know I'm pi**ed.I don't know how many nurses i've pi**ed off already but of course only those c**p ones that really ask for it.

Anyway its great to have something to watch on TV and take me into a different realm. Raeally relaxes me. I'm such a TV person.My weekly cannot-miss-tv- viewing  would be American Idol on Wednesdays at 8pm and Glee at 9pm on Star world and  Project Runway on Saturday at 9pm on Discovery travel and living.

Am really loving Glee. Here's sharing with you a snippet i found on Youtube. So far this episode is not out yet but love the songs, good voices and the Enid Blyton character-esque quality of Kurt!Totally agree with Little girl in a reverie.

Hope you like this- Defying Gravity.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Wow ~

Wedding's are OMG such a bother.. so many thing to think so many things to consider!

Ugh.. don't want to keep on ranting.

Just want to share this: Fish Leong's wedding vid!

As Zhang Zhi Chen says: Sold out! No return! No exchange!

Monday, 1 February 2010

Chinese New Year is in the air!

Can't wait to go home for CNY! In a small town like Slim River surprisingly i do feel that CNY is approaching. All the CNY music and decorations up make me all warm and fuzzy. Still groggy from sleeping all afternoon post call so shall not post up a wordy post. Let the pictures do the talking.

On a clothes shopping excursion in One utama! Lovely  prosperity 'zhao chai mao'!

Lots of people starting new year shopping early.

Not to be outdone i quickly registered the task of decorating our humble abode was not going to be accomplished by my WOW addicted boyfriend. Therefore i took the task at hand buying the cheapest decorations i could find.

And these are what i got. Do pardon the poor quality of pictures.

Hello kitty used on every celebratory deco nowadays.

This is the front/back of the deco.

And this is the other side.

All these for RM10! After all it's just paper right? Wrong! In one utama they are selling for 5 bucks to 17 bucks per piece! Yikes nothing is cheap nowadays!

The problem now is getting blue-tack! You cannot imagine how difficult it is to buy blue tack here in Slim River! I've been to almost every stationary store and so far all the shop keepers have been shaking their heads. How to stick up my deco like that? I don't want to leave imprints on the wall. Someone mail me some blue tack already!

Luckily one of the deco is chain like and can be hung from the hooks on my walls left over from the past occupants. So this is what i did with it.

Damn gaudy~

But i love it.

Close up.

Anything for some chinese new year cheer.

I love celebrations. if i could i would celebrate every festival remotely related to me or my culture/religion.

Ok thats all i have about CNY deco. 
Random pictures up next.

Oysters! To try on my anniversary. Fifth by the way!

Tastes like crap. And i had to finish it by myself cos Jh will not touch it and it's too expensive to waste. Ugh .. gave me indigestion for two days. Give me 'see ham' anyday. I'm so low maintenance that way.

More Daiso buys. I am so going to make this sherbic desert and see what all the fuss is about especially so after one failed attempt due to my non-functional freezer.

And fake nails. Gonna try puttong them on myself. Much nicer than what i find at most stores and its only RM9.90. But i have a horrible feeling that it wont fit cos my nails are abnormally small.

All right thats all sorry for the abruptly ending random post~ ciao.

*blogger so screwed u the picture sizes! Argh..

*update i fixed the picture sizes yay!


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