Saturday, 20 February 2010

Ramblings of the sick

I'm still waiting to recover from my lenghty illness. Currently in my 7th day of illness, i am getting increasingly lazy and woozy. A quick recap back to the eve on CNY where i had big plans for this precious 1 week Lunar New Year holiday- meet relatives and friends, get my guest list ready, book a gown,photographer, see venue, print cards.. but nooo.. i jst had to get sick!

being sick doesn't mean i can't do all these things? Well how do i do all these if i can't even speak without exploding into a phlegm parade?I'm getting more and more anxious as the date is slowly creeping up on me.

I try to push it out of my consciousness and think about other things to make me feel better.

At the height of my illness, i thought to myself : when was the last time i got sick?Seriously though can't rememeber but i'm sure it had been at Slim River and it lasted all of 2 days.

Which is worse? Being sick or nursing a broken heart?

Being sick definitely ranks right up there in the list of crummy ordeals! So i really can't make up my mind. The problem with being in a stable relationship for the past 5 years is that the feeling of heartbreak i last had 10 years ago feels kind of blunted.But i do remember crying a lot and listening to a lot of Jay chou break up songs and actually relating to the lyrics. Creepy emotional shit.Oh sorry i'm just rambling on and on with no actual purpose for this post. Hmm.. sickness is acute and you feel better once its over but heartbreak is chronic and you really can't seem to see an end to it. Hmm.. so maybe sickness is better.

I better stop here cos Ben is starting to tease me now. Ugh brothers..

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