Friday, 19 February 2010

Still sick

Today is day 6 of illness and i'm still feeling like crap. I can't open my mouth without breaking into uncontrollable bouts of coughing.

What a killjoy  to my 9 days of so i thought heavenly luxuriously wonderful much-deserved holiday.

Let me count the ways of how this Chinese New Year just sucks.

1)Signs of things to come? Just 2 days before the eve of CNY, my phone went kaput. On my last on-call day before hols. Lost all contacts.Had to report my whereabouts in the hospital to the operator everytime i moved.

2) Sick on New Year's day. Initially mild coryza symptoms.

3) Skipped 2nd day of New Year celebration cos still having fever and sore throat.

4) In Desaru, car which was parked in an allocated parking lot got banged from behind sometime at night when we were blissfully unaware watchig American Idol. Perpetrator left no note. Somewhere out there i hope the blind driver gets all my germs and bad luck.

5) On the way back from Desaru to Jb, car engine stalled suddenly!Luckily managed to park at the side of the road. Cousin helped to contack tow truck operator. Made over 20 calls before he got someone cos it's still the CNY period. Towed car to service centre, which was still closed on chu 5! Just left the car there.

6) Still sick. Bought Augmentin which costs me RM 61.20 a box. Daylight robbery! To think we are giving it for free in government hospitals.

7)Still hoping to get well before Monday cos i am on-call! Groan..

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