Thursday, 4 February 2010

I love Glee

Working in a hospital is a drama daily even in a small hospital like Slim River. There are gossips and topics of conversation everyday. I hardly go by a day without scolding someone or i'm sad to say nagging. What with housemen now in my hospital, i start picking up their mistakes, the nurses mistakes, and it's really sad when the medical students seem better in comparison.In stressful situations i tend to raise my voice.Funny prior to working i never had that. Quite meek and never confrontational. People change hopefully for the better.

Today i went for a blood donation drive, and even then i could not tolerate inefficiencies.Don't wanna elaborate but all i can say is I'm really frank and if something is wrong i will make sure people know I'm pi**ed.I don't know how many nurses i've pi**ed off already but of course only those c**p ones that really ask for it.

Anyway its great to have something to watch on TV and take me into a different realm. Raeally relaxes me. I'm such a TV person.My weekly cannot-miss-tv- viewing  would be American Idol on Wednesdays at 8pm and Glee at 9pm on Star world and  Project Runway on Saturday at 9pm on Discovery travel and living.

Am really loving Glee. Here's sharing with you a snippet i found on Youtube. So far this episode is not out yet but love the songs, good voices and the Enid Blyton character-esque quality of Kurt!Totally agree with Little girl in a reverie.

Hope you like this- Defying Gravity.


Anonymous said...

eh i like glee also. anyhue me goin sultanah aminah for houseman. got a glimpse of life there as a HO thru ur eyes...thanks(i think). though it sounds scary, hope its good la. came across ur blog when googled sultanah aminah..

saltvinegar said...

Who is this btw? But i din work in Sultanah Aminah!! I worked as a HO in Ipoh!But i think work as a HO is rather cushy now as there are so many housemen!Don't worry!


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