Friday, 26 February 2010

More rejected wedding photos

The good thing about having all the soft copies back is that i can slowly view the photos and scrutinizing every flaw.There are so many photos with 'feel' but of course we are not models and we can't look great in every photo but you can tell the photographer put a lot of thought and climbing into different angles to take the photos.

Here is part 2 of the rejected ok photos. Part 1 is the post before and photographers pick is here.

Sneaking up behind the bushes.

This looked pretty simple to do right? But no!We were actually on the second floor of an abandoned building over run by trees. Seriously from here it was at least 3 metres down.Maybe thats why JH is squeezing my arm so hard.

Further proof. Can you imagine how i got up there in my long tailed dress? Ugh!And how did the photographer take the shot? Standing even more precariously on the edge of the worn out stairs which had no railing and he was really arching backwards  so he had a variety of distance shots too.My God the occupational hazards!

This one i think he took lying down or sitting down.


The famous painting in Heritage Hotel.. ok this had nothing to do with difficult angles, just want to put it up cos its not nice enough for the album but too cute to pass.

I thought this one would be really nice cos it certainly turned out well on JH's I-phone.. but ugh i think my feet spoiled it.. and not easy to climb up there mind you!

Its great to be looking at the photos and seeing lots of different styles! My only grouse is that my ill-fitting purple dress really spoiled quite a number of pictures.remember girls, never ever accept an ill-fitting dress especially if they say they can tape it up on the day of the shoot.

The rest of the dresses were altered to fit like a dream.

Just confimed my JB photographer! Things are shaping up!


Cheddarina said...

Your rejected photos are awesome too! Love the indoor pure white theme. They set up good lighting.

I did the indoor shooting during afternoon so they din set up lighting and the color of the photos were all not sharp. Somemore face very chubby.

I've written the tricks for choosing actual day gowns on my blog's comment box. check it ot k?

saltvinegar said...

Okies thanks! Its great reading ur blog cos we're going through the exact same thing! Hope your wedding will be perfect!


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