Sunday, 28 February 2010

Even more rejected wedding photos

Firstly to clarify, rejected wedding photos does not mean they are hideous, just that choosing 50 photos out of 195 photos, inevitably even nice photos are gonna get the cut. Sometimes the photographer takes a series of shots to get the right angle and lighting so invariably a few of them are gonna look the same.These are a few of the photos that did not make the cut cos there is another picture in the almost exact same pose that looks better.

Here i present you, the-almost-made-its.

They're gonna be a lot alike what you're gonna see in the actual album.. which i'm still pondering long and hard over. Wish me luck!


Lyssa said...

I love the first photo. But I guess there were too many nicer ones that you had to reject some nice ones too huh? :P. Btw, I am from MB forum (you just message me) :P

saltvinegar said...

Yup yup i chose another pic tht looked exactly the same but with me not smiling haha. Thanks for the comment. Just had my actual day gown fitting.. but all the gowns were too big for me.

Michelle Y said...

Came across your blog when I was google-ing wedding stuff. I'm also a bride-to-be! :)
Your pre-wedding pictures are fantastic gal! Really artsy.
Am following you. Do check out my blog too!

saltvinegar said...

Thanks girl! Keep Gallery takes great photos if ur willing to compromise on the gowns. Good luck will check out ur blog!


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