Friday, 12 February 2010


Look what i found at night in the mail on my last on-call before Chinese New Year!

Lots and lots of blue tac! Thanks so much Johnson!

Goes to show there is still kindness in the world!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone and may everyone have a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!


Anonymous said...

Hey there, been quite busy so havent have the chance to respond hehe...

Well its no big deal! What are friends for and what more for the festive season! Hope you recovered from your sick...

Take care and thanks for the card! My dad told me u send me a card havent gt the chance to see it!


saltvinegar said...

he he sorry the card reached you so late.. all bcos of my stupid illness. Ish anyway hope you had a great CNY and see you at my wedding!

Hmm.. but i think you're the only one from ur age group coming to my wedding. So anyone you prefer to be sitting with?I'll try and put you in a table you will be comfortable in la.


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