Monday, 1 February 2010

Chinese New Year is in the air!

Can't wait to go home for CNY! In a small town like Slim River surprisingly i do feel that CNY is approaching. All the CNY music and decorations up make me all warm and fuzzy. Still groggy from sleeping all afternoon post call so shall not post up a wordy post. Let the pictures do the talking.

On a clothes shopping excursion in One utama! Lovely  prosperity 'zhao chai mao'!

Lots of people starting new year shopping early.

Not to be outdone i quickly registered the task of decorating our humble abode was not going to be accomplished by my WOW addicted boyfriend. Therefore i took the task at hand buying the cheapest decorations i could find.

And these are what i got. Do pardon the poor quality of pictures.

Hello kitty used on every celebratory deco nowadays.

This is the front/back of the deco.

And this is the other side.

All these for RM10! After all it's just paper right? Wrong! In one utama they are selling for 5 bucks to 17 bucks per piece! Yikes nothing is cheap nowadays!

The problem now is getting blue-tack! You cannot imagine how difficult it is to buy blue tack here in Slim River! I've been to almost every stationary store and so far all the shop keepers have been shaking their heads. How to stick up my deco like that? I don't want to leave imprints on the wall. Someone mail me some blue tack already!

Luckily one of the deco is chain like and can be hung from the hooks on my walls left over from the past occupants. So this is what i did with it.

Damn gaudy~

But i love it.

Close up.

Anything for some chinese new year cheer.

I love celebrations. if i could i would celebrate every festival remotely related to me or my culture/religion.

Ok thats all i have about CNY deco. 
Random pictures up next.

Oysters! To try on my anniversary. Fifth by the way!

Tastes like crap. And i had to finish it by myself cos Jh will not touch it and it's too expensive to waste. Ugh .. gave me indigestion for two days. Give me 'see ham' anyday. I'm so low maintenance that way.

More Daiso buys. I am so going to make this sherbic desert and see what all the fuss is about especially so after one failed attempt due to my non-functional freezer.

And fake nails. Gonna try puttong them on myself. Much nicer than what i find at most stores and its only RM9.90. But i have a horrible feeling that it wont fit cos my nails are abnormally small.

All right thats all sorry for the abruptly ending random post~ ciao.

*blogger so screwed u the picture sizes! Argh..

*update i fixed the picture sizes yay!


Anonymous said...

haha you need me to mail you a pack of blue tacts? Just gv me msg on FB


saltvinegar said...

yes!! Thank you ur such a sweetheart!

shin chee said...

my pengarah asking me to decorate the hospital A&E this yr, which i didn't help cos i think it will turn out... a bit unappropriated... imagine old style lanterns and those decos in an environment where ppl suffering and dying... haha...

n pls dun use fake nails!!! it is so not u and they will only focus on ur nails when u do rounds, haha...

btw, gong xi fatt chai!

saltvinegar said...

wahaha fake nails for CNY only ma hahaha but i think tak jadi la.. the nails are too big for me!


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