Saturday, 11 August 2012

Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan Olympic match :Did you see what i saw?

The Olympics in London are coming to an end, the dust has settled after the nail-biting badminton match of the year, but if you like me watched the live telecast of the match that day, and if you were eagle-eyed like me *perasanmax*, you would have noticed an irregularity.

An irregularity in the crowds.

If you caught the 5 seconds pan-out to the audience, you would have seen this.

Xie XinFang, Lin Dan's wife wearing the Chinese team uniform. The irregularity was not the fact that  she was the only one wearing the China badminton squad team uniform in the crowd (syoksendiri like Lin Dan: memang sepadan). The irregularity was the fact that sitting next to her is a familiar face, in the form of Hong Kong/Welsh singer,actress, Karen Mok in shocking pink!

The next time the camera panned Xie Xin Fang's direction, Karen Mok had undoubtedly made her way away from the focus of the camera's attention (Xi Xin Fang) and changed seats. She appeared to have come to accompany Xie Xin Fang.

The lady who was sitting one seat away to the right of Xie Xin Fang in the first picture, then took over Karen Mok's seat for the rest of the match.

My question is? When did Karen Mok and Xie Xin Fang become BFF's?

Even more preplexing.What was Eason Chan doing at the match. But most of all why did he cry when Lin Dan won? Or perhaps he was crying for Lee Chong Wei?

Erm.. i think his tears were for Lin Dan la.

Next question: Ok i get it that the camera kept panning Xie Xin Fang because she's the wife of Lin Dan and former Olympic Silver medalist (the commentators don't even know who Karen Mok is), but why U No Pan Wong Mew Chew?

I found a pic of them (courtesy of candyleow83's weibo), seated behind Lee Yong Dae fans.

These two are getting married too! London Olympic cameraman please do your background research! (Loving the Chanel bag btw).

PS: On a separate note,congratulations  to Pandelela (totally loving the name) for being the first Malaysian female, first Bidayuh, and all time first athlete to win an Olympic medal outside the sport of Badminton (if you are from China or USA stop sniggering).

All pictures from google images.


Jamie Wong said...

sharp eyes! btw xie xin fang looked different in pic!

saltvinegar said...

Yeah i think she gained a healthy bit of weight post retirement.Did you watch the match?

Angeline Ng said...

I saw the newspaper said that the reporters mistaken and they thought that Eason was Lin Dan's mom. When they first look Eason's back which he had curly hair. xD

saltvinegar said...

:p i can certainly see why.. Eason's hair is too aunty!


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