Monday, 6 August 2012

Lee Chong Wei Olympic 2012 - We are proud!

The expectations were amazingly high for a guy who apparently just tore his tendon 2 months ago and lost tamely to his arch nemesis Lin Dan ( loosely translated to English as Zero Egg ) in Beijing 4 years ago. It did not help that the ice cream chain, and nasi kandar shop added to the mounting pressure - promising FREE ice cream to Malaysians if a gold medal was won. Publicity for them obviously (I already have a few friends who expressed their desire for Baskin Robbins to ease the heartbreak), but did anyone think of the man??

Getting to the finals was already a feat.

The way he played today was the best he has ever played - we couldn't have asked for a more exciting game.

Despite that, luck was on Zero Egg's side, and as usual Zero Egg just had to take off his shirt, run around the stadium, hug his coaches - forgetting the simple rule of sportsmanship - graciousness. 

Though Zero Egg won the Gold medal, Lee Chong Wei won many hearts today with his tenacity, and never-say-die attitude.

When he was sat on the court his head slumped on his racket, a million hearts broke. 

No need to cry, you already made history TWICE!

Lin Dan can please don't syoksendiri when people are crying can or not?

This is all over twitter: ESPN commentator: "LCW is such a great guy, but Lin Dan is a bit arrogant. Skills win you medals, but attitude wins hearts."

Some damn smart fella also summed it up nicely.

This is his interview with the Chinese press after the match.

(Brief translation : He had an injury only about 2 months ago. He did not expect much for himself this Olympic games. He only had 2 weeks to properly train, utilizing painkillers to numb the pain. Getting to the final was out of his expectations. He gave it his all, he had played at 3 Olympics and winning the Silver twice , perhaps it was his fate. All this said while the Chinese commentator was repeatedly saying, "But a lot of people really LIKE you!")

This was his tweet:

No no.. don't say sorry.. THANK YOU for our only medal in the 2012 Olympics!

We respect you much much more than Lin Dan no matter how many medals he wins.

Taking a leaf from your hard work and determination!

(Echoing LauraLeia's sentiments.)

Did you see a celebrity at the match? I did! Read here.


chen said...

Oh man, i was crying when I saw his crying pictures but your post really made me laugh. Thanks :)

Mr Lonely said...

yeah, we are proud of LCW~ =)

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

saltvinegar said...

Chen,thanks! i was actually really very angry! Hence the post, cos i couldn't sleep even though it was 130am.

MrLonely - Yup, we all are

syamimiazhar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
asingaporeanson said...

hats off LCW

saltvinegar said...

Asingaporeanson: It's true then what the papers say.. Singaporeans are proud of LCW too!


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