Monday, 20 August 2012

Vivi with English translations

Hey, i'm back again to share some snippets of the latest August edition of the English version of Vivi.

Someone called Rola on the cover.

In trend: Peplum playsuits and banana bags!

Pastel jeggings, still very in trend. Problem is if you don't have slim legs, it's better to avoid this.

Gorgeous or what? Celine mini bag in banana yellow.

Something that actually needs translating: how to pick a miniskirt. After reading it though i conclude you need skinny legs. (ps if you can't read the small font, click on the picture to enlarge).

Japan's definition of affordable. If it were a Malaysian mag the answer would be pasar malam.

This actually does help.. skorts and folded shorts here i come.

Really? Boyish tanks make arms slimmer?? Hmm..

More tips and beauty trends coming soon. I gotta go watch Speed vs Arashi on channel U now!


LauraLeia said...

Hahahaha I totally agree with your points on the 'miniskirts - need thin legs' and 'affordable fashion - pasar malam'!! I have yet to jump on the skorts trend coz every time i try one on my mum says i look fat -___-lll

Angeline Ng said...

The Celine Boston nice lehh!! :D like banana XD

saltvinegar said...

Laura: Yeah have you noticed all their 'normal person' models have skinny legs?

Angeline:Yeah feel like buying!! Ugh.. but i bet it's expensive!!


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