Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Louis Vuitton Neverfull Review

I'm supposed to be studying right now but i can't seem to concentrate. Oh well.. i just have to put up something on my blog.

JH got me this a while ago as my future!! birthday present. Like that also can?!But i'll take it cos i love it!

It's a Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM. Many people are pretty turned off by snooty sales people or seemingly snooty sales people at high end stores. So much so they have no accessible way to walk into a store and feel the product.I'm speaking from experience here. Well i can't let you feel the bag but i can tell you how it is and what's inside.

To tell you the truth, i've seen fakes from afar and i cannot tell the difference unless the stitching is really off. But i guess it's how you feel about carrying an imitation bag.

So basically the Neverfull comes in Damier Ebene, Damier Azur and Monogram. I love the classic monogram so I chose that.

It also comes in 3 sizes, PM (small), MM (medium) and GM (large). The small is really very small and the large -well very large so the medium tote would be still large enough to stuff everything in but not overwhelmingly large.

From the outside the bag looks like this.

Basically a simple tote with no zipper at the top and two 'strings' at the side to fold it into a more boxy shape it you wish.Contrary to my previously skewed belief, it is not entirely made of leather. The monogrammed part is made of treated canvas while the lining and handles are made of cowhide leather.The cowhide is a light tan and turn darker and darker with age in a process called 'patina'. I like mine really light so I'm hoping it won't patina so soon.

The inside is equally simple. Only one zipped pouch, a ring to clasp keys/pouch, and a wide base with impeccable stitching.

Made in France.So obviously cheaper by a lot if you buy it there. I bought it in Singapore and even then it is cheaper than Malaysia.

The zipped pouch is large and had a nice old school vibe.

Some clasp to keep the bag partially shut.

Like so.

Yellow stitching.

Inner ring to clasp something on it.

Why i like it:
1. It's casual
2. Impossible to get the outer part of the bag dirty.
3. Shoulder straps are just the right lenght.
4. It smells of leather. (I'm a scent person) I know this sounds so wrong. Sorry i'll eat less beef.
5. It is large.
6. But not too large.
7. It matches any colour of clothing
8. It's flexible and can change shape.
9. The interior is old school.
10. It's Louis Vuitton!

Things i do not like about it.
1. It's casual. Can't really bring it out for dinners.
2. It's possible to get the inner part of the bag dirty.
3. Shoulder straps only. No other way of carrying it.
4. It's made of leather - guilty as charged PETA.
5. Its is large.
6. I am small.
7. It is everywhere. Almost everyone seems to be carrying it.
8. I'm too lazy to change it's shape.
9. The interior is too light.
10. It's Louis Vuitton! Fakes are everywhere!

I know i am a very contradictory person and sometimes optimistic with a pinch of pessimism.

But the bottom line is, i am grateful to own this bag and love it despite it's deficiencies.

And now it's back to books :)


Michelle Y said...

Babe, I have this too. Mine is in Damier and I got it like 2 years ago when it was only available in Jap and Hawaii. Called a friend and had it shipped here. It was rare at first, but now, it's everywhere. BUT this is a very good and convenient bag. I still love it till today! Luv your monogram too!

Jamie Wong said...

haha it's funny. alwell, at least you dont pay for it. so this is a great present! i mean LV... so expensive @@

Pammy said...

What an awesome gift from your hubby! :P But I agree with you. It's Louis Vuitton and fakes are everyone. Not everyone can spot what's real from what's not. But still, a very nice gift. :P

saltvinegar said...

Michelle: I love the Damier.. the red interior and dark brown straps that will never patina!Is yours still in good shape?

Jamie & Pammy : Yeah its expensive and nice! I have great difficulty spotting fakes especially the grade AAA's

Michelle Y said...

Babe, of all, LV is the most durable. It never runs out of shape, and no color transfer on them. My Damier is still my go-to bag whenever I travel!


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