Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Marc by Marc Jacobs shopper bag with Sweet Jan 2011

I had my eye on this but was really concerned that the picture advert might be deceiving. The problem with these Japanese magazine freebies is that the quality can vary quite significantly. Some are of excellent quality. Some of them just have the name of a designer brand and that's it.

So looking at the actual product or at least  pictures of an actual product is a must. There were unfortunately no sample item on display for this particular freebie in KLCC Kinokuniya that day. The Japanese counter lady was kind enough to want to open the magazine packaging for me so that i could see the brand item. I declined. Such a hassle. I decided to wing it and buy it anyway.

As expected the quality of the product was pretty abysmal. But strangely i still like it. I like the concept of a paper-shopping-bag lookalike bag.

The item picture always looks great.

But the item.. hmm not as nice as the advert right?

No reinforced stitching.No lining at the seams. Just a plain waterproof polyester bag with a brand name emblazoned across.

Some loose thread at the sides.

And for good measure you had better tighten the ends of the straps.

As you can see not your average designer product.

But i like the boxy structure. I do not like bags that have bases that droop hence why i resisted choosing the Speedy over the Neverfull.

As this bag will definitely droop, i decided to reinforce it.With trusty scissors and the cardboard box the magazine came in.

Walah.. maybe i should have taped the two pieces of cardboard together..

The end result was nice. Despite it's inferior quality, no doubt the bag looks good. I don't have an actual picture but it looks like this in real life too.

And if you bring the bag to Japan , you can redeem pins for your bag from Marc Jacob stores. Unfortunately it does not look like i will go to Japan anytime soon.

Ok before you start bashing me for spending RM 45 on an inferior bag and a gorgeous Japanese magazine that i cannot read,  i must highlight to you other more preposterous investments people around the world have made.

This leather Marc Jacobs shopper bag retails at around US$700. Granted it's made of leather, but does it not look familiar?

And don't get me started on the Chanel Rue Cambon leather shopping bag. US$1525 for the small and UD$ 2625 for the medium.

And Frieda Pinto has one too.Can you actually tell it's leather?

Of course this world is getting too brand conscious. I am guilty as charged. It might be good to take a leaf from this ingenious persons book.

(Photo credit: Jak and Jil)

Loving it!


Pammy said...

I think that's not bad for a free tote bag from a magazine. At least it's still MARC. Haha! Whoever made the "Chanel" paperbag has a good sense of humour. :P Still, those other expensive but plain looking bags make me wonder what's happening to the world of designer stuff.

saltvinegar said...

Pammy!Ur right! Ppl are forking out loads of money for a name ;P


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