Monday, 20 December 2010

Ikea buys

You know you're getting old when the things you buy in Ikea consist mainly of kitchen utensils.Here's my buy this time, excluding a quilt and quilt cover.

The only thing young about my buy was a Pysslig Scrapbooking set which costs RM19.90. I've always thought of myself as crafty but always end up with mixed results.

The kit consists of 24 pieces of patterned paper, 2 decorative frames, 4 plain frames, 2 oval frames and 6 envelopes. All multicolored of course.

I have yet to even open the box thought cos it looks so pretty unopened. Am pretty happy with my buy, except for one minor glitch. They overcharged me! And i only realized today !

If you notice the third item on the receipt,it shows that i have bought 2 pieces of kitchen utensils for RM 11.90 each. But in actual fact i only bought one set! I hardly cook and why would anyone buy 2 sets of the same kitchen utensils unless they open a restaurant?! And i blame myself for not checking immediately after paying. RM 11.90 down the drain. It's not a big amount but it's the way it was spent on nothing that gets me really angry. I would rather have dropped the cash on the road and have some unsuspecting lucky individual pick it up.Damn you Yasmin incompetent cashier.She was happily chatting with her friend in the next counter when she overcharged me. Chat all you want but at least be competent. I am so gonna file a complaint and make sure your bosses know how you are overcharging customers at the expense of your frivolous chatter about the weather.*Fumes*

Okay.. *Trying to calm down*.. on another note, i only bought one item from Daiso the last i went there.. Is this self control i'm exerting? Haha .. and the only product i bought was a cape for protecting clothes during DIY colouring projects. Overpriced probably but totally important product. No more accidentally dyed clothes.

And in another totally unrelated note, this is a door gift from a really unique wedding i went to recently. A wedding in a museum! Will blog about it next post.

Hmmm.. why am i still boiling.. gotta calm down..


Pammy said...

Sorry to hear about the cashier lady overcharging you. I hate it when they don't pay attention to customers and chat instead. Chatting is fine as long as they can do their jobs well. :)

Nice buys. :P

saltvinegar said...

Yeah tell me about it.. sigh.. luckily its not a big amount or i'll be kicking myself now

Pomme Pomme Girl said...

Thanks for the picture.
Best regards.

Pomme Pomme Girl said...

HI, no, I didn't draw on the pattens with coloured pens, it's a collage. Have a nice day.Claire


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