Saturday, 11 December 2010

L'occitane Christmas Gift Sets 2010

Christmas is in the air and time for another round of Christmas shopping even if you're not Christian, buoyed certainly by the faux Christmas spirit in the air.And how timely it is that The Malaysian Year End Sales have begun. Thus in the spirit of shopping and finding the perfect Christmas gift, i present to you the L'occitane Christmas gift guide, all taken off the L'occitane Christmas catalogue i picked up.I find that i cannot concentrate when sales people are talking and I really much prefer poring over the gift sets myself in the safe sanctuary of home. I hope you are the same. If you are not, this probably will be of no interest to you. In that case i sincerely apologize for wasting precious minutes of your time reading my nonsensical and indulgently frivolous ramblings.

Love the layered design of the catalogue. All pics are click-able.

And a really nice touch at the end when you just thought ' i can now throw away this catalogue..' they throw in self cut out gift tags. Nice!

Remember the L'occitane fundraising campaign i wrote about? 

Well, i went and purchased a few. It's lovely and for a good cause.

Pretty thick diaries.

With nicely partitioned month tags.

Gorgeous flowers on every page.

And in case you forget, a reminder of fundraising efforts that L'occitane have achieved.

Really nicely done indeed!


bride2wife said...

Girl...I bought two of the diaries. Thought of giving one to Soomi :)

saltvinegar said...

Good idea.. really nice kan the diaries?


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