Monday, 13 December 2010

Wedding deco and door gifts

I have attended so many weddings this year! So many! Everyone put in a lot of heart and effort for their big day and here i am sharing some of the lovely deco and wedding gifts that they have so painstakingly planned.

First up is of course Tahirah and Hadi's wedding under the stars.That was my first garden wedding and contrary to popular belied there were no attack of the mosquitoes at all. It was breezy with nice music, good deco, lots of flowers and good entertainment.

Here's the table deco. Simple and sweet yet effective.

The dais is of course not so simple but mainly spectacular.

Lots of time and place for camwhoring.

The doorgift is once afain sweet and simple but effective. The colour of the box complements nicely with the tag and gold ribbon.

Inside is another surprise, quail eggs in place of regular 'bunga mangga'.

The layout of the wedding.

And of course the gorgeous couple.

Don't you just love the bouquet?

Here i am halfway though the cupcakes while camwhoring with buddies Soomi and Yasmin!

And i did mention flowers right? Pale hydrangeas are really effective!

Next up Cheryl and Jose's wedding. Which had the nicest place setting ever. The photo frames with the guests name was a nice touch and obviously needed some planning.

The Sunway Hotel ballroom was decked in purple and silver.

And the guys were all smartly suited up.

Table deco.

The purple paper bag contained a box of really nice chocolates and a mini portrait of the couple.

Back to Jb for an old friends wedding.

We helped out at the registration table. And figured out many guests are really averse to revealing their names.

The very oriental door gift.

It's a personalize key chain ..

...with a mirror at the back.

From Jb went back to KL for a Jb friend's wedding. Seriously why are people all over the place?In a perfect world everyone will just stay put.

It was a really nice private affair. Nice food and a cute door gift.

In between i've attended at least 3 weddings in Ipoh!With some pretty nifty door gifts too.But i've yet to upload the pictures. Will update when i have them.


AnnaYJia said...

I like the second one ^^ and their paper flower deco on the box is so nice ^^

saltvinegar said...

where got paper flower deco wor? It's a ribbon! but i agree.. the chocolates were yum!

bride2wife said...

My goodness..the frames must have cost a bomb! But I like it lah...

saltvinegar said...

yeah i think so too.. but i think they can afford it haha


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