Sunday, 26 December 2010

Is Clinical 9 piece gift set with cosmetic surgery and beauty magazine

I've never had totally clear skin since i was 13. Never. I had really bad acne breakouts pretty much my whole teenage and young adult life. So much so  you couldn't even see the surface of my skin. It was covered with flaming angry bumps!In medical school i started taking short courses of oral antibiotic and that did the trick. The surface of my skin could be seen, and my skin was not perpetually red and lumpy. I was ecstatic. That was good enough for me.I did not have the best skin- plagued by open pores, uneven skin tone and wrinkles,but i am thankful my skin was no longer how it was before.Luckily for me there were minimal scarring.

Even with the marked improvement,i get breakouts regularly- like a daily basis.Any change in skin care will render breakouts of catastrophic proportions.Stress too causes the same problems.

I was glad to get an opinion from my friend PLynn who suggested that i try Is Clinical. She could help me purchase it.Initially i was really hesitant and brushed it off as so far no skin care product had ever worked for me. When she mentioned it to me again, i did a quick search on the internet and found many good reviews.However being a skin care line that could only be bought from a dermatologist/aestheticion, i was unable to get any samples to try first lest my skin is sensitive to it too.

It is obviously God-send that i realize from Fiona that The cosmetic surgery and beauty magazine was giving out a 9 piece sample size gift set at Kinokinuya. That is all i need!However Fiona did tell me that i had to hurry and there were not many left.

But i didn't cos KLCC is not exactly near. I bided my time and went when i had holidays. And true enough there were plenty left.

Here's what i got.

Comes in a lovely gift bag.. i was half expecting a plastic bag i dunno why.

The cover featured Erra Fazira. Have not gone round to actually reading it yet.

So the goody bag contained these products.

1) Cleansing complex
2) C eye advance
3) C-15 serum advance
4) Poly-vitamin serum
5) C & E serum advance

(All the above 0.125fl oz)

6) Moisturizing complex (1ml)
7) Eye complex (1ml)
8) Youth complex (2ml)
9) Firming complex

Apparently worth RM 269. Really?

Considering the magazine costs RM 20 i reckon i paid for the freebie. 

 I was only interested in the cleansing complex and active serum.

Too bad active serum was not included as part of the goodie bag.

So here's to me again trying another skin care range in the hopes that something clears my skin. If it works you'll hear from me.

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