Thursday, 31 March 2011

Daiso haul part 100

I've lost track of how many Daiso posts i've put up, but what am i to do? I love the place! And i always seem to find something i want to spend RM5 on. I try to limit myself to not more than 6 items per visit as i really don't want to end up with a room full of knick knacks.

Not that i buy a lot of knick knacks of course. I really always do think i am buying useful things at the point of purchase. Only when i go home do i realize that i have bought some duds but most of the time the stuff i buy turn out to be real gems.Really!

Here are my latest Daiso finds.

And because i'm loving them so much i gotta introduce them to you one by one. Except for the metal Korean chopsticks(cos whats there to introduce about chopsticks?).

Pink polka dotted spactacle/handphone/ CD  microfibre cloth cleaner. Cos i need my glasses to be clean!

Detergent for women. Hmm... (disclaimer: It's for clothing ok?)

After my 5 toe socks turned out uncomfortable, i turned to fleece 'shoes'.

And the underside of it which looks totally functional as a shoe, but i'm just gonna be bringing it to bed with me during cold conditions.It comes in 5 different pattern including a pink version of this one.

 And last but not least the cheapest weighing scales ever. I've always harbored buying measuring scales for my on again off again baking interests, and this tiny thing which can weight up to 1kg of baking products is a cheap way for me to bake for two people accurately without having to convert every gram of flour into cups online. Try having to convert grams of butter into cups. *Slaps head*

Can i say it again? I'm loving it!

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Marie Claire with Burt's Bee's Lip Balm

I have not been blogging a lot lately largely because i had a lot of calls, and also cos my monitor was totally fried.

Now i have to explain that i bought my first computer, as in my very own desktop in my 3rd year of medical school. Yes i know , in this day and age, children have computers from kindergarten age.

So at that time (3rd year in medical school), monitors were 15 kg monsters and occupy whole tables. It has served me well for the past 7 years. So i had my trusty hubby help me buy a new monitor cos i have absolutely no inkling of buying tech stuff.

A quick shopping trip to the IT store brought me to one conclusion. Every monitor is black. And every monitor is  wide screen.

The problem is , i can't seem to get used to wide screen as i have had the old school conventional monitor for the past donkey years. Going shopping, i only had one criteria. I wanted a non wide screen monitor. I needed something SQUARE.

Thus i ended up buying a 17 inch Samsung (Samsung is apparently supposed to be the best) monitor for RM419 when the Samsung 20 inch is RM 339 and the 22 inch is RM 389. Does that make any sense to you?

I am finicky i know.

And this is it.

And the only reason is so that my all the actors on my DVD don't have their faces bloated up by wide screen.

Anyway, thanks to Shuaddict i found out this great deal. Burt's Bees lip balm which usually costs RM18 was free with a copy of RM7 Marie Claire.It comes in 5 flavours.

I bought it at Borders where there were only 3 copies left. And when i was paying at the counter, another lady was buying it so that means Borders The Curve only has one copy left.

But don't worry there are lots more copies left in Popular. Funny thing is even though it's an eco issue, Popular went and wrapped the brown paper bag covering the magazine with plastic.

But it is probably because there are people who actually remove the free gifts from the package.

I mean look at the sealed portion of the brown paper bag.

All the brown packaging in Borders were opened! Probably because people opened it up to look at the flavours inside. Well at least they don't remove the gift with purchase. So do check by feeling the magazine for a tubular structure before buying.

And here's whats inside.

I only bought one copy as i already am using the Burt's Bees Honey lip balm. The lip balm is damn good and keeps my lips really moisturized. Thankfully for the magazine freebie i got the one in passionfruit which is one of my favourite flavours.

The lip balm expires in September 2011 so don't bother buying too many anyway.But then again do people really bother about expiry dates for lip balms as long as it does not smell funky or cause an allergic reaction?

Retail therapy leaves me happy :)

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Work adventure

The thing about working in the medical field is that everyday is an adventure. No one day is mundane and no one working day is the same. I have been on-call quite frequently these few days (as noted by the dearth in posts), and for some reason i've been getting really busy calls lately.

The on-calls in Slim River used to be really relaxing and manageable by one person. But since we had a specialist and housemen, the cases seem to be pouring in, And for some reasons many of the babies delivered over here seem to have rather bad outcomes comparatively.

Case in example: In just two days of every other day calls i had a day 12 of life baby who was fitting, a newborn baby who had meconium aspiration syndrome and subsequently pneumothorax, a newborn who suddenly turned 'blue' at 5 hours of life, a few premature deliveries,2 neonates with necrotising enterocolitis and a 3 year old in severe diabetic ketoacidosis (which sad to say i suspect was the result of poor socio-economic reasons).

In one day alone i had done a lumbar puncture, intubated , inserted 2 chest tubes in a neonate, inserted umbilical artery and venous catheters and done a few direct suctions. Of course this would probably be a normal call in many tertiary hospitals, but mind you mine is a district hospital with only one paediatric medical officer on-call a day covering the casualty department, special care nursery, general paediatric ward, as well as labour suit and operation theater standbys.

But for some reason, i have stopped being the worrywart medical officer i was before. Thanks largely to my ever cool and forever in a good mood paediatrician and the fact that i have a houseman to share the work burden. It has made me approach calls in a different light.I used to worry and fret a lot when bad cases come in but now i approach it with an open mind. It has made my calls less stressful despite the circumstances and i am less likely to shout be rude at nurses/referring doctors now.

I am also less likely to be exasperated at parents who bring their children who have been febrile for the past four days to the casualty department at 3 am in the morning, only for me to find the child playing happily in the casualty department. All these kind of parents just distract from the critical patients who need more attention.

And on that note, i don't understand how a parent can just allow her child to stay in the same house with an uncle who has active tuberculosis. You have to have some inkling that if you keep it up your 4 year old daughter is going to contract tuberculosis too right?Worse thing is, the mother had no idea when the uncle was diagnosed, when he was started on the medication and whether he is compliant on the medication. It took me some time to drive it home to her that her ignorance is probably going to cause chronic lung disease in her ONLY child and future ONLY source of income.

I need to have mass a parent education program  in Slim River one day.

I'm going to be houseman-less on my next on-call so lets hope it's gonna be a peaceful day.

Babies and children under twelve, be healthy please!!

Monday, 21 March 2011

Absolute Boyfriend

I know i'm real late.. especially since this drama was aired in 2008. D'oh... But still i need to explain this is the reason why i've been glued to my computer screen every free moment i have.

I first watched a couple of episodes on Channel U (Singapore terrestrial channel) a couple of years ago. Then i saw it on 8TV (Malaysian channel)..then recently on a trip back to JB i saw one episode of it again. But.. never have i watched more than 2 episodes each time.

I picked up the DVD i bought a year ago, squealed in delight that it had English subtitles and proceeded to be enamoured by this J Drama that is 'Absolute Boyfriend' or 'Zettai Kareshi'.

Now do excuse my totally gushing post while i go back and savour the last two episodes of the DVD.

In the meantime enjoy the theme song by Ayaka who just so happens to be one of the lead characters missus.

The ending theme in the show.(with weird espanyol translations)

And the full MV with English translations.


Sunday, 20 March 2011

100 yen shop buys

Here are more buys from Daiso and the 100 yen shop.

Really nice bottles of nail polish from Daiso. And i mean it. The bottle was really nice with Paul and Joe like engravings on the cap. The polish was a bit of a miss though. The pink one called nail french was really diluted. Really one coat of this hardly gives any colour  at all. The bronze sparkling one was much better. I used it for my CNY nails. Point eyelashes were a bit of an experimental buy and till now i'm still figuring out how to use it.

This pink pill box was bought from another 100 yen shop called.. the 100 yen shop. The stuff there was sold for RM4.90 if i'm not mistaken. Compared to Daiso, the shop really did not have that much variety. But if you think of it as a sundry shop near home, then it is surely adequate.

I found it really handy as a fake eyelash kit case. The pill compartments were perfect for storing various styles of fake lashes.
The box when completely closed.

The upper bigger compartment was a perfect storage place for eyelash glue and double eye lid stickers.

The last haul is once again from Daiso.

In case you're wondering.. No wet floor wipes will never replace conventional mopping. And caramel corn is ac cute as it is tasty.

I love miniature sweeet toys so it was hard for me to resist buying these traditional Japanese sweet erasers.

Magazines in Kinokuniya/ Free Flat Stomach Gel

Dropped by Kinokuniya KLCC middle of last week and here are the available Japanese magazines there at the time.

Baila with shimmery Iena tote.

A lot of the new mooks are at 20% off with another purchase. So just purchase 2 mooks and get both for 20% off. The whole LeSportSac range, Paul and Joe, Neal's Yard Remedies and  Liberty Print mooks are at 20% off.

Only 2 more copies of papier with franche lippee reversible tote.

As usual loads of Sweet brought in.

As usual the monthly promotions only available at Kinokuniya, purchase Malaysian Tatler for RM 12 and get a free 50ml Thalgo flat stomach gel worth RM 99. While stocks last.

Friday, 18 March 2011

LeSportSac Spring Summer 2011

Here's a look at what's new with LeSportSac in 2011 courtesy of the handy mook.

A look at all 3 eco-bag patterns with this year's mook.

And how to fold it in.

 The prints this year are lovely.As expected from LeSporSac the prints are whimsical, pretty and bordering on simple.

So glad i chose berry blossom out of the 3 patterns available as it is a Japan exclusive.

I do also love both Happy Herd prints.

 And i also like Pen Pal.

 One of the many things i do so love about the Japanese is how organized they are. Here is a chart of the various prints and what design of bag is available for each print. Easy and organized chart for the consumer.

Here are some of the pieces that caught my eye.  Heart checker. Does it not remind you of the multi-case given out with last years mook?

Adorable heart shaped coin pouch!

 Berry Blossom medium weekender. Cost? 13860 yen = RM 586.

Call me granny but i like the Laurel Garden Path design too.

It also features the latest collaboration between LeSportSac and JoyRich.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

LeSportSac Spring Summer 2011 Mook Review

I love the stuff LeSportSac gives away with the mooks yearly. It is one of the mooks with gifts almost summilar to actual shelf products.

I am still in love with how pretty, well-made and functional last years multi-case was.

This year we get a foldable eco-bag in the latest prints.

I only bought one as i figured i only needed one eco-bag. It was pretty hard for me to choose between 'Starburst' and the 'Berry Blossom' design as they were both so cute! The 'starburst' design is in black hence it won't get dirty so easily and creases are not as apparent.

However, style won over practicality and i opted for the sweeter 'Berry blossom' pattern.

I figured, i could always wash it if it gets dirty.

It was 20% off with purchase of another item. You could easily just buy a one dollar pen.

All 3 of the available designs. The content of the mook of course is the same no matter which pattern of the eco-bag you buy.

Lovely peek-a-boo packaging.

As it is an eco-bag, it was packaged folded into it's case which also doubles up as the base of the bag.

Zip of the case closure bearing the brand logo.

The bag unfolded.

I was pleasantly surprised at how good the quality and workmanship was. No stitching issues that plagued the previous mook freebie. It was big enough to put in shopping and the strap though shorter than i imagined, sits comfortably on my shoulders. The base is broad and you can definitely fit a lot of stuff in here.

The print is gorgeous.Love the little clusters of berries and flowers. I tell myself i will wash it whenever necessary. The material being rip-nylon is easy to wash and dry.

The LeSportSac logo lining the top.

Stitching is neat. No inner lining for the bag. No pictures here but the seams of the base of the bag are reinforced with piping.

The only thing i don't like are the visible creases! But then again it is a FOLDABLE bag.

 All in all a gorgeous bag! I love the multi-case sold last year and i am still using it everyday instead of a wallet as i feel this is more convenient. In fact the robin-egg dot multi-case from last years mook is still available in Kinokuniya KLCC when i popped by. I wouldn't have minded another multi-case but this eco-bag is gorgeous too and it's good to have variety anyway.

There are lots and lots of stock in KLCC now.


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