Wednesday, 16 March 2011

LeSportSac Spring Summer 2011 Mook Review

I love the stuff LeSportSac gives away with the mooks yearly. It is one of the mooks with gifts almost summilar to actual shelf products.

I am still in love with how pretty, well-made and functional last years multi-case was.

This year we get a foldable eco-bag in the latest prints.

I only bought one as i figured i only needed one eco-bag. It was pretty hard for me to choose between 'Starburst' and the 'Berry Blossom' design as they were both so cute! The 'starburst' design is in black hence it won't get dirty so easily and creases are not as apparent.

However, style won over practicality and i opted for the sweeter 'Berry blossom' pattern.

I figured, i could always wash it if it gets dirty.

It was 20% off with purchase of another item. You could easily just buy a one dollar pen.

All 3 of the available designs. The content of the mook of course is the same no matter which pattern of the eco-bag you buy.

Lovely peek-a-boo packaging.

As it is an eco-bag, it was packaged folded into it's case which also doubles up as the base of the bag.

Zip of the case closure bearing the brand logo.

The bag unfolded.

I was pleasantly surprised at how good the quality and workmanship was. No stitching issues that plagued the previous mook freebie. It was big enough to put in shopping and the strap though shorter than i imagined, sits comfortably on my shoulders. The base is broad and you can definitely fit a lot of stuff in here.

The print is gorgeous.Love the little clusters of berries and flowers. I tell myself i will wash it whenever necessary. The material being rip-nylon is easy to wash and dry.

The LeSportSac logo lining the top.

Stitching is neat. No inner lining for the bag. No pictures here but the seams of the base of the bag are reinforced with piping.

The only thing i don't like are the visible creases! But then again it is a FOLDABLE bag.

 All in all a gorgeous bag! I love the multi-case sold last year and i am still using it everyday instead of a wallet as i feel this is more convenient. In fact the robin-egg dot multi-case from last years mook is still available in Kinokuniya KLCC when i popped by. I wouldn't have minded another multi-case but this eco-bag is gorgeous too and it's good to have variety anyway.

There are lots and lots of stock in KLCC now.

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Pammy said...

It's so girly! Looks roomy too. :P Too bad there are a lot of fake Le Sportsac bags here.

By the way, I have a giveaway, dear. You may want to join it. Thanks! :)


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