Thursday, 3 March 2011

Furla Mook Spring Summer 2011 too good to be true?

I saw this a while ago but dare not put this up as the gift with purchase looks too good to be true. In fact, it looks like an actual shop product. But since its already up on the TKJ website, i suppose it's safe to share.

Here's the mook and the tote bag.

From the picture it looks like a high quality bag with button closure and Furla logo all over the bag.But lets reserve the praises until someone actually testifies that it is a good buy. Launching on the 12th of March in Japan and retails at 1500 yen which translates to around RM 55.60.

Now is it worth it? How prestigious is Furla as a brand? The cheapest Furla bag i could find on their website costs US$180 which is equivalent to RM 540 ++. But then again this bag on the Furla website is made of patented leather.

The gift with purchase this time is probably made of canvas material. But then again some people are selling China pasar malam bags for RM40. So if you're a Furla fan and you want an inexpensive yet original, chic yet made of cheap(er) material bag, this would probably be a good buy.


Anonymous said...

I have this GWp furla bag.It's made of canvas coated with plastic? making it waterproof.. It's really nice and sturdy but stitching wise, it's not that good.. still, not bad for a furla that cos less than RM40. yasmin

saltvinegar said...

Hey Yasmin! You bought yours for less than RM40? In Kino it was like RM70!


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