Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Japanese magazines with Lanvin, Banner Barret, Ined

And the gifts just keep coming.

Here are some goodies already in-store or will be coming really soon to a Japanese bookstore near you.

With April issue comes with Ined scarf patterned purse which measures 17cm x 13cm.It looks well made but looks extremely small with a ridiculously short chain strap. Get this only if you're buying this as a play thing for your kid.

25ans comes with a Lanvin black tote measuring H23 x W24.5 X D14.5 with a single inner pocket. No zip or button closure.

The bag is made of polyester and looks nothing special except for the brand.

The next issue of 25ans also comes with a Lanvin gift which looks like it is of better quality. The May issue comes with a while Lanvin pocket mirror and drawstring pouch.

Kinokinuya KLCC does not stock up much of 25ans so do call and book first beforehand if you're a huge fan of Lanvin.

Ray April 2011 comes with a Ryza 2 way pouch.It measures H12 x W16-19.5 and made of polyester satin. It is a two way pouch because it the chain strap can be used as a wrist-let or a conventional pouch. Once again this is tiny and stitching is not of high quality as expected from magazine freebies.

Japan Elle April issue comes with a lovely Penelope Cruz on the cover. Oh ya and the freebie is a Keita Maruyama cherry print notebook.

Gisele April 2011 comes with quite an ugly looking orange hued multi-case. I don't think anyone will buy this for the freebie so just lets skip the product details.

There are somehow many great gifts this season so pick and choose wisely.


AnnaYJia said...

Thanks for sharing this =)
I love the cover page of Japan Elle April issue! Love Penelope Cruz and the sheep as well ! lol...
The sheep looks like a doll !
Nice hair cut ! hahaha...

saltvinegar said...

yeah looks nice and fluffy!


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