Friday, 18 March 2011

LeSportSac Spring Summer 2011

Here's a look at what's new with LeSportSac in 2011 courtesy of the handy mook.

A look at all 3 eco-bag patterns with this year's mook.

And how to fold it in.

 The prints this year are lovely.As expected from LeSporSac the prints are whimsical, pretty and bordering on simple.

So glad i chose berry blossom out of the 3 patterns available as it is a Japan exclusive.

I do also love both Happy Herd prints.

 And i also like Pen Pal.

 One of the many things i do so love about the Japanese is how organized they are. Here is a chart of the various prints and what design of bag is available for each print. Easy and organized chart for the consumer.

Here are some of the pieces that caught my eye.  Heart checker. Does it not remind you of the multi-case given out with last years mook?

Adorable heart shaped coin pouch!

 Berry Blossom medium weekender. Cost? 13860 yen = RM 586.

Call me granny but i like the Laurel Garden Path design too.

It also features the latest collaboration between LeSportSac and JoyRich.

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