Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Furla Spring Summer 2011 Mook Review

I knew it was too good to be true.

I'm usually pretty good at picking out good mook and Japanese magazine freebies but emotions just got the better of me.

Here's how the story went.

I was on a mission to Kinokuniya to get at least 2 mooks on my personal mission to support the Japanese economy. As luck would have it there was an abundance of my number 1 choice of mook, the Le Sport Sac one.

My number two choice was however sadly unavailable.

I had no choice but to turn to the number 3 choice which looked a million miles different from it's chic advertorial pictures.

Here are the real pictures.
Minimalistic design on the cover.Yawn..

The design on the bag is replicated in one of the pages of the book.The design is basically it's brand.

In case you don't remember this is what the advertorial looked like.

And this is what the real product looked like.Crumpled and sporting a patent look.

Seriously  would have preferred it better if it were just plain canvas and not coated with PVC like material.It didn't seem fair either that the price in Malaysia which was severely marked up compared to the price in Japan. Luckily the 20% discount with purchase brought it back nearer to the original Japanese price.But then again, i was there to stimulate the Jap economy..wtf contradictory.

The only saving grace of the bag is the bag charm. It is a semi-circle (heavy) metal Furla engraved structure hanging on a mock leather off white strap that you can thread onto any bag.

Otherwise the workmanship was rather abysmal. Loose threads on the strap as seen here.

Snap button closure was a pretty nice touch though.

The inside is not lined and is basically untreated canvas.

Seams are not protected with piping.

The underside of the inner pocket.

And what a pocket it is, with a protrusion at one side of the seams. Just great!

So you see, I do not recommend buying this.The LeSportSac is a better and safer bet.


Onze said...

Very different from the cover !!
Yesterday I wanted to buy this book from Kinokuniya, but i've changed my mind to buy Paul & Joe 15 anniversary mook mag instead.

Plain canvas is BETTER !

Thanks for your review.

saltvinegar said...

ur welcome! tell me about it! I managed to iron it from the inside so it does not look too crumpled.


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