Thursday, 31 March 2011

Daiso haul part 100

I've lost track of how many Daiso posts i've put up, but what am i to do? I love the place! And i always seem to find something i want to spend RM5 on. I try to limit myself to not more than 6 items per visit as i really don't want to end up with a room full of knick knacks.

Not that i buy a lot of knick knacks of course. I really always do think i am buying useful things at the point of purchase. Only when i go home do i realize that i have bought some duds but most of the time the stuff i buy turn out to be real gems.Really!

Here are my latest Daiso finds.

And because i'm loving them so much i gotta introduce them to you one by one. Except for the metal Korean chopsticks(cos whats there to introduce about chopsticks?).

Pink polka dotted spactacle/handphone/ CD  microfibre cloth cleaner. Cos i need my glasses to be clean!

Detergent for women. Hmm... (disclaimer: It's for clothing ok?)

After my 5 toe socks turned out uncomfortable, i turned to fleece 'shoes'.

And the underside of it which looks totally functional as a shoe, but i'm just gonna be bringing it to bed with me during cold conditions.It comes in 5 different pattern including a pink version of this one.

 And last but not least the cheapest weighing scales ever. I've always harbored buying measuring scales for my on again off again baking interests, and this tiny thing which can weight up to 1kg of baking products is a cheap way for me to bake for two people accurately without having to convert every gram of flour into cups online. Try having to convert grams of butter into cups. *Slaps head*

Can i say it again? I'm loving it!


Pammy said...

Those shoes look really cute and comfy! I think I saw that at Saizen (Daiso here) and found them cute but never really checked them out. Will do when I get to pass by the store again. :P

You always find goodies at Daiso. :D

saltvinegar said...

Thanks Pammy.. i really spend a lot of time in Daiso.

shinchee said...

funny u buying Korean chopsticks at a Jap store, hehe...
but a closer look at it, it's not the traditional Korean chopsticks, which is flat rather than rod shape...

Sherlyn said...

I just dreamt that i went to Daiso shopping yesterday! coz i'm really wanted to go there to buy the drawer partition, it is really useful when i tried for few packs. previously my hair accessories mess the whole drawer, now they are sorted in neat way. can't wait to go Daiso again !!

saltvinegar said...

shinchee: yeah i saw those flat metal chopsticks but it look really difficult to use.. so i chose the conventional one. I just want a chopstick that wont rot.

Sherlyn: Yeah i love those partitions! U dream about Daiso? Girl u are too much!! haha.


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