Thursday, 3 March 2011

Lesportsac Spring Summer 2011 close up

I know... i know.. this is the third post already dedicated to this mook which is not even out yet but i'm seriously loving the prints and just want to share whatever pictures i have.

Here are closer looks at the prints which now makes a lot more sense as i was wondering what coloured polka dots with a black backdrop had to do with the name starburst. Now i know the print is actually composed of tiny multi-coloured stars.

I am torn between the 1st Style- Star Burst and the second style - Berry blossom. Argh the berries are too cute!!Click to enlarge.

More to ogle at.

The interior of the bag.

Hope Kinokinuya bring in loads of these.


Anonymous said...

Le SportSac mooks are now avail in Sg kino, not sure abt Msia kino.

saltvinegar said...

Yeah i heard! I'm gonna have to get myself to KLCC and check it out!


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