Monday, 14 March 2011

Michelle Reis - Tai Tai Extraordinaire

After the many sombre and depressing news from Japan, perhaps it's time to have a light hearted and entirely frivulous post.

It shall be about 'Tai-tai's'.

There are tai-tai's and then there are 'Tai-Tai's'. 'Tai-tai' is a mandarin word describing the wife of a wealthy man who enjoys the high-life often without the need to work.

It would be difficult to find anyone more sucessful than Michelle Reis (Li Jia Qin), whom i annoint the ultimate 'tai-tai'.

To be fair she was already extremely popular and sucessful in her own right as an actress and very popular spokesperson for various consmetic and skin care companies. The Macanese (father is Portugese and mom is Chinese) beauty began her acting career after winning Miss Hong Kong 1988.

She sucessfully became a 'tai-tai' after marrying business tycoon Julian Hui, son of Hui Sai Fun (one of the big four families in Hong kong responsible for the very foundation of the economy there).

Most recently she delivered her first child, Jayden Max Hui on 8th February 2011 thus producing a male heir to the illustrious family, and she did it in style too. Here are the pictures.

Seriously, who looks like that after giving birth???

All pictures are courtesy of 8 Days and are clickable. And if you read it, you'd see she got a HK$100 million ang pow for her efforts.A small sum though for the family estimated to be worth HK$18 Billion.
 And what do the orang asli mom's  get?

Check out the hotel hospital room!

And she recently released photos on her blog of her kid during his one month celebration. In the photos both mother and child look gorgeous (check out the baby's huge eyes) with Michelle decorating her own cake.Definitely winner of most beautiful mother award.

Definitely in awe of her sucessful ascent to 'tai-tai-dom' where many other startlets have failed.

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