Sunday, 13 March 2011

Japan teaches the world

With the deluge of depressing news pouring in from Japan now, it is really unsettling watching the news right now. It is good to know though that the Japanese are coping in the best way they can, with everyone helping each other out, vending machinese giving out free drinks and convenience shops (7-11) open providing free food. Pictures from Japan show nothing but solidarity with people lining up in the most orderly fashion for use of free public phones when phone lines around the country  are cut and people advised to minimize internet usage.

Men helping women collect supplies. People go home leaving no rubbish on the floor. Everyone is civilised in such adversity as evident in these pictures.

(Source : Here)

I can't help but think how any other country would have coped as well as Japan. If there is any country that can pull out of this adversity, then the best bet would be Japan.

In any other country there would by now be reports of looting, roberry, slow rescue efforts and starvation.

The challenge of the government and people of Japan are huge in restoring normalcy. Let's hope they pull through.


Noriko said...

So moving message ! Thank you. I am safe. Writting from Japan :-D

saltvinegar said...

Noriko!Glad u are safe!i checked ur blog yesterday but was worried when there was no post..


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