Saturday, 12 March 2011

Pray for Japan

I couldn't sleep last night.  Odd.. i usually sleep well when i'm post call.

But somewhow i found it difficult with the kowledge that a major 8.9 ritcher earthquake hit an epicentre near Japan causing massive tremors and 10m devastating tsunamis engulfing the coastal areas.

Watching footages on TV and on the internet play like a scene straight out of a disaster blockbuster movie, it's hard to phanthom how any of the residents had any chance of surviving through that.

It's not the first earthquake this year.

But it is the one with the most fatalities and definitely one that feels closer to home.

It does not help that I watch anime, read Japanese blogs, anticipate new mooks and Japanese magazines while obsessing over Japanese make-up.

Here's hoping the people of Japan can somehow overcome this.

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