Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Jay Chou 2011 Concert Malaysia - I was there! Part 1

This is by far the best concert i've been to. OK it was only the second concert i've ever been to.. ( i studied a lot as a kid) but i knew for a fact that it is definitely leaps and bounds better than any other concert staged in Malaysia. First of all it is Jay Chou, the reigning king of Mando-pop for the past 10 years and newly minted Hollywood star. Secondly, how many concerts boast 3D sets?

This concert officially rendered me Jay Chou devoted for life.

I was lucky to get Saturday 5th of March tickets at the VIP seats at row 4. Of course VVIP tickets would have been better, but apparently they only opened the VVIP tickets for sale a week before the concert.(I really need an acquaintance who is an event organizer.)

Me and JH before the concert. Yes Cheers was the official drink.

I was satisfied with how close i was to the stage. It was the best i could get with a sitting seat. The rock zone (standing only) people look perpetually squashed.From my seat Jay Chou was a 10cm figurine. I could at least see some facial expressions. With a decent camera i could probably have taken pretty nice pictures.Alas my Lumix LX3 (actually my mom loaned it to me) did not do much justice.All my pics turned out blurry and had a whitish glow. I'm sure it's just my poor camera skills. Anyhow, i took really nice shots... of the screen. I know i know, too lame.

I came as early as 6pm as i was tipped off by a friend that went for the Friday show that there would be loads of stalls selling merchandise and anyhow after paying so much for a ticket i just wanted to soak up as much experience and atmosphere as i could. Another plus point would be great parking.

Upon arrival, there were already loads of people buying glow sticks, official merchandise, laminated tags, fans, CD's,DVD's and a multitude of glowing headbands.

At 6pm there was already a line for the official merchandise.

And most of the stuff were already sold out on Friday anyway.

The rest of the tents selling merchandise.

I bought glow sticks with Jay Chou printed on it for RM10 with a free poster from at least 7 years ago.I also stupidly bought a battery operated fan to go into a concert in an indoor stadium with air conditioning. Go figure.And the best item was actually for free - a large Jay printed paper palm from KL Sogo.

I made sure i bought glow sticks with his image printed on. But alas the seller told me pink was sold out. In 10 minutes he was fully restocked with pink again. Bah!

A few glitches before the concert started.Since i had so much time before entering the venue i asked person at the lost and found counter what could not be brought in (since i saw so many people surrendering umbrellas), and she told me that no umbrellas, water, or camcorders were allowed.I asked if the ban was only on bottled water, or was prepacked water bottles also banned. She said i could try bringing it in. All right, so we walked all the way back to the car to keep the umbrella.The water bottle (we don't get it), i brought in my bag anyway and i was thankful they only banned camcorders and not normal cameras.

Boy was i pissed when as i was about to enter the venue half an hour before the start of the concert,a RELA xiao mei mei (since when does RELA have so many pre-pubescent girls as their members?)prohibited me from bringing in my water bottle (ok i accept that the stupid organizer wanted to improve sales of mineral water among it's depraved group of food sellers) and even my camera.It wasn't like i was bringing in a DSLR or a camcorder. It was a normal digital camera. I knew for a fact that it could be brought in as i saw so many people taking pictures in the venue through the glass doors.

I was incensed and all types of profanities that o have never uttered in my life started swirling around in my head.I asked her again, and still she said 'No, these type of cameras can't be brought in.'


'But this is a very normal camera!' I reasoned with the unreasonable girl(probably a school drop-out, if not why is she wasting a perfectly fine Saturday homework night to be standing by at a Jay Chou concert? I'm sure she's not gonna be standing by when there is a natural disaster or a Merdeka Day event).

Then she reasoned with me in the most idiotic manner ever.

'No, this type of camera cannot.... '

'... this is a digital camera right?'

In my mind ,'Yes this is a digital camera and so are 100% of the cameras in the venue right at this moment!And oh my God missy if you don't even know what a 'digital' camera means i suggest you go home and memorize the English dictionary. Are you trying to imply only traditional FILM cameras are allowed in the venue!? Well then excuse me while i go borrow it from my grandma!!'

Once the retard uttered those stupid words i knew it was a lost cause reasoning with her.

She then asked me to turn in the batteries of my 'very canggih' digital camera and water bottle to 'lost and found'.

JH was exasperated and offered to once again run to the car and keep the camera and bottle.

I would have none of that. First of all i can very well take out the batteries and put it in my pocket. Secondly i still think she was stupid. And i do not take orders from stupid people. Unless they pay my salary.

So i put my 'digital' camera in it's case, pulled JH with me and went to another line which was manned by a guy RELA member. He had a good look in my bag. Rolled his eyes at the amount of stuff in it, felt the bottom of the bag from the outside and nodded for me to go in.

And we were in!

With my camera in my bag and my water bottle in JH's hands.


Next quest was to empty my small bladder.

And i tell you the ques were snaking long.

And so i missed all of the 2 local acts who were performing.Which was a good call actually as i did not know any of those singers.And the toilet break rendered me 'urgeless' throughout the 3 hour concert.

I spent so much of this post ranting! All right next post- Jay Chou himself!

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