Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Not my day

Today, so far has proven to be a bit of a 'not so good day. I'm someone who whines and complains then forget about it after i have complained enough. I find that if i don't release it to someone, or somewhere (ie this blog) it gets me really down. So since my one and only 'dumping buddy' whom i can tell almost anything to, no matter how silly or embarrassing had gone back to Ipoh to continue part 2 of her postgrad term,I have no choice but to express my whines here.

Look away if you can't stand whiny people.

I should have read the signs.
As i was walking to work/school (i do nothing but study), my shoe broke. Stupid RM15 shoe. Okay it broke earlier as in it had a crack in it 2 weeks after wearing it. But today the crack basically became a big hole. As i was halfway there, i decided to just continue walking since it was still walkable.

Felt sleepy.

Unable to answer a basic chemical pathology question asked by my friend. And i have just completed the posting a month ago. Feel moderately depressed and scared. I actually need to study seriously now. Sigh.

Left to go home.It's raining.

Opened my umbrella. Walked to shop.

Realized i only had RM6 in my purse. Forgot to refill working purse.

Bought a knife for RM5.90. Wanted to but a roll or bread. Took it anyway.

Scrambled through purse to find an extra dollar.

Found an RM10 note *sweat for nothing*

Actually had RM16 in my purse.

Bought the RM1 roll.

Left shop.

Wind overturned my NT100 umbrella. And rendered it deformed.

Continued to walk home.

Faulty shoe with hole decided to provide more problems.

Metal plate at bottom of shoe folded in half, thus forcing me to walk as if i have a heel at my sole.

Walked like i had one short leg. Feel bad for people who actually do have the condition.

Self conscious that people are looking at me.

Still thinking of what to eat for dinner.

Most likely cooking for one.

The end.

Moral of story:
1: Time to buy new shoes..
2: Ditto for umbrella
3: Have to force myself to do questions/study/ develop long term memory for things that are actually important.

I feel infinitely better after whining!Thanks whoever you are!


Yup another round of mooks for your visual pleasure.Most of them should be out now at a Kinokuniya near you! Only the first mook (Rinka, a Japanese model's mook)does not come with a freebie.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

L'occitane Christmas sets 2011

Here are the holiday sets available in L'occitane Malaysia. I figured this might be a good guide for the seasonal gift buying sprees!

L'OCCITANE Discovery RM159 (worth RM360)
Shea Butter Hand Cream 30ml, Pure Shea Butter 8ml, Revitalizing Shower Gel 75ml, Relaxing Body Lotion 75ml, Repairing Shampoo & Conditioner 35ml, Essential Face Water 30ml, Immortelle Precious Cream 15ml, Shea Ultra Rich Cream 15ml, Shea Milk Soap 50g, Drawstring Bag.

L'OCCITANE Stars RM129 (worth RM150)
Shea Butter Hand Cream & Foot Cream 30ml, Pure Shea Butter 8ml, Shea Ultra Rich Lip Balm 5ml, Shea Verbena Soap 100g, Pouch.

Mini Hand Cream Trio RM110
Cherry Blossom Hand Cream 30ml, Peony Hand Cream 30ml, Rose 4 Reines Hand Cream 30ml, Gift Box.

Pivoine Flora RM306 (RM360)
EDT 75ml, Shower Cream 250ml, Beauty Milk 250ml, Peony Gift Box

Shower Celebration RM99 (worth RM108)
Assortment of Shower Gels 75ml x 4pcs in a Gift Box.

Almond Body RM320 (worth RM450)
Shower Oil 250ml, Delicious Paste 200ml, Milk Veil 250ml, Straw Bag

Aromachologie Travel RM149 (worth RM243)
Shea Butter Hand Cream 30ml, Pure Shea Butter 8ml, Revitalizing Shower Gel 75ml, Relaxing Body Lotion 75ml, Repairing Shampoo & Conditioner 75ml, Shea Milk Soap 50g, Drawstring Pouches.

Flowers of Provence RM110 (worth RM162)
Peony Shower Gel 75ml, Peony Beauty Milk 75ml, Cherry Blossom Bath & Shower Gel 75ml, Cherry Blossom Shimmering Body Lotion 75ml, Pouch.

Délice Delight RM120 (worth RM138)
Délice des Fruits & Délice des Fleur Shower Jelly 75ml, Délice des Fruits & Délice des Fleur Hand Cream 30ml, Candy Pouch.

Délice des Fleurs RM306 (worth RM360)
Shower Jelly 250ml, Body Cream 250ml, EDT 75ml, Holiday Gift Box.

All pictures and information are from Loccitane Malaysia.

Friday, 25 November 2011

L'occitane Holiday Charm Freebie

I chanced upon this, and since the charm is so cute i thought i'd spread the word.

Here's the link if you're interested: L'occitane facebook page.Go to the link on the side which says 'like page contest'.

Good luck! Let me know if you gals actually win something.

Little budget buys

 I seem to have amassed a small number of pictures from my restricted and controlled shopping sessions. Here are some of the stuff i got recently.

Imagine where i bought this? A shop with probably no particular brand at Tesco. I wasn't planning on getting this since i almost always only buy from Vinci (i dunno why- since their shoes don't last very long), and i don't wear heals, and I'm a bit skeptical at shoe shops that sell shoes that are of no particular brand.

I was actually just accompanying my shoe crazy friend who was getting this pair of shoes, and she sort of persuaded me to get this as well.

Normal price:RM69.90, after discount: RM49.90. Conversion rate: US$1= RM3.20 thus
shoes =USD15.50.

These are really nice and comfy, but i have a nagging suspicion that somewhere in China these shoes are going for much much cheaper.

I also bought a vintage charm bracelet from a push cart in Midvalley called Vintage 1988, the kind where you choose your own charms, your own bracelet and the lady will customize the bracelet for you. Again it's probably cheaper on blogshops, but i'm too lazy to wait for mail, and over there the lady can measure my wrist and customize it there and then for me. I made a mental note to ensure i don't spend more than I'm supposed to.

Each of the small charms cost me RM5 each, the larger bracelet RM8 and the finer bracelet RM6 (I wanted double chains) which totals to RM34. These are brass charms with a vintage feel to it. The only reason i customize my bracelets is because my wrists are really small, so ready to buy bracelets don't suit me at all.. some just fall off when i put my hands down.

From Daiso, i got this cute gadget. What do you think it is?

It looks like a correction tape dispenser, yeah? But it actually dispenses strawberry patterns! I know this thing is a useless decorating tool that only serves to satiate my need for all things cute. Plus it's Daiso cheap at RM5.

I also recently went to a Bata sale at ViVo Homes Cheras and every Bata show was really cheap going at RM5 fro slippers to RM20 for shoes. The school shoes were sold for RM10 each and i saw parents buying up to 3 Ikea bags worth of feet apparel!

I did not buy anything from the Bata brand, but there was another section for shoed from other brands and i could not go home empty handed could I? I bought these cute cover-up shoes, since it's a lab requirement that i not where my usual sandals, at RM15. These are surprisingly comfortable but i wonder how long it will last since i have to walk 10 minutes to work everyday.

Oh, and on a separate (but not entirely so) note, Christmas decorations are up! These are some snaps i took at Sunway Pyramid.

I know... the sight of Christmas trees and Christmas music just makes me want to buy presents!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

The real folks of "You are the Apple of my eye" (那些年,我們一起追的女孩) - 柯震东,陳妍希

I think by now every Chinese person in the 15- 35 age bracket (even though it's rated 18SX) in Malaysia would have seen this movie.

I've heard of this movie name dropped on radio programmes and TV shows in Taiwan for the longest time now so it is with much anticipation that i dragged JH and my youngest brother along to watch the much hyped about in the Chinese entertainment world movie, 'You are the apple of my eye' (which i think is a rather cliche title as compared to the actual Chinese title which i very much prefer 'Na xie nien wo men yi chi chui de nu hai' -sorry for the play by ear han yu pin yin- i have never had a Chinese lesson in my life, or 那些年,我們一起追的女孩) . At this point i'm overwhelmed by the desire to actually read Chinese.

Anyhow, the movie was okay for me. JH and my baby brother thinks it's actually quite good. Perhaps i had months of anticipation and expectation for this movie that i expected a lot more? Anyhow, even though i felt the story line was a little too plain, the leads were charismatic and good looking, the movie was peppered with funny and vulgar parts (not that i liked the vulgar parts), and though it was basically a running commentary of a teenage boys love and lost of the girl he loved, it did not feel flat or boring as it could have been in the hands of lesser directors/producers. Most of all i loved the way the whole movie presented itself visually, with lovely camera angles, not too corny special effects and vibrant landscapes of Taiwan.

Now the whole point of this post is not to review the movie, (though i seem to have covered it somewhat in my above ramblings) but to reveal the identities of the protagonists in the movie.

Many may already know this movie was written and directed by a prolific Taiwanese author with 50 books under his belt call 'Jiu Ba Tau" loosely translated as 9 swords.

The story is based on his own personal experience and every character in the movie is real.

This is what the lead Ko Chen-Tung (柯震东) looks like. He's a 20 year old university student in his movie debut.

He plays the male lead, who is in real life the author of the story as well as the director, 'Jiu Ba dao' aka Nine swords and officially in English he's called Giddens.. and this is what he really looks like.

*Disclaimer: Don't read the rest of this post if you live in clouds and want to believe the real life protagonists actually look like those telegenic actors in the cinemas*

Probably not the most good looking , but as you can see definitely very mischievious and sentimental.Also rich after the success of the film, besides being a popular author.

The rest of his gang from the movie. Can you guess who is who?

I know, i can understand now why this bunch was described as childish by the female lead in the movie.This was probably taken at the actual wedding!

Ha ha ha, how nice it is to have your early adult years translated into a movie? I wonder if they get royalties  from it?

Anyhow, the most important question on everyone's mind is probably what does Shen Chia-Yi, the pretty and smart lead and object of many a young boys desire look like.

We know the actress who plays her, Michelle Chen Yan Xi (陳妍希), 28,who previously acted in many Taiwanese idol dramas, the most notable one being 'Miss No Good' with Rainie Yang and Wilber Pan,  is a really pretty girl. She's not the kind of pretty that other girls hate, cos it's more of a natural and simple type of beauty that sells beauty products.
Throughout the show, all i could think of was, 'Why is her skin like that? I want her skin!'. And this is why.

She looks good with even seemingly no make-up.

The popularity of the movie has lead to increasing public interest on who the actual 沈佳宜 is.

And the Taiwanese media gladly obliged as shown by the Youtube video above and the picture below courtesy of this site.

Now that that's done with, what have the main actors of the movie been up to since the phenomenal reception of the show?

Chen Yan-Xi has cut her hair into a cute bob and is gracing the cover of Taiwanese magazine, Choc which is now out in Malaysian newsstands.

Also, she has been nominated as Best Actress for the 48th Taiwanese Golden Horse Awards.

She hasn't actually won yet (she's just posing) but results will be out 26th November 2011.

The male lead, Ke Zhen Dong (柯震東) on the other hand,being the lucky fella that he is, (let me see, genetically blessed good looks and height -he looks 6 foot tall, enough luck to play the lead role in his movie debut, enough luck for the movie to break box-office earnings in Chinese cinema, can actually act) has now moved on to release his first music album!

Productive or what? And he can actually hold a tune!

Here you judge for yourself. Here's his duet with Chen Yan-Xi.


It's somewhat of a rarity to find a Taiwanese film that is so popular, so if you have not watched it, i would suggest you to watch it just to see what all the fuss is about.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Marc Jacobs, Cath Kidston Japanese magazine freebies

I used to have this 'must buy' mentality with January issues of Japanese magazines. That's because that was the time where I can purchase cute/ branded/ one of a kind calenders. Ever since getting an iPhone, I've been using a physical ( ie paper calenders) less and less. Nevertheless it's good to have a look yeah?

Here are the freebies with January issues of Japanese magazines.

The January issue of Cutie comes with a Liz Lisa make up pouch. Out 12th December in Japan.

The January 2012 issue of InRed comes with a Cath Kidston calender and Zucca tote bag. Out 7th December 2011 in Japan.

This is a really promising one. An Agnes b tote in the typical Agnes B prints but with a black pink theme this time. There have been so many Agnes b freebies this year but the only difference will be that this one comes with a zip.This one also comes out 7th December 2011.

Last but not least Sweet January issue comes with 2 Marc by Marc Jacobs pouches and a Marc by Marc Jacobs calender.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

H&M Versace Singapore

When H&M opened it's first store in South East Asia (in where else but Singapore?) a while ago there were already snaking ques going into the store. It comes as no surprise then that with the latest release of the H&M collaboration with Versace (launched 17th November) that even longer ques are expected.Oh, i wish i was there to get a piece of the action!

A report on 'Lianhe Wanbao' stated that there were employers or their children ( the report gave an example of a 25 year old university student) who made their maids line up as early as 2pm the day before the launch!The Chinese evening daily also reported at least 3 maids lining up in que with enough cash and a list of sizes and model of chlothing to get.

Is the hype warranted? I guess it is! We're talking about Versace and also exclusivity. The nearest place to get it is Singapore or else you would have to travel to Hong Kong or China just to line up to buy the clothes.There were 280 people in the que before stores open at 8am. Furthermore you can only buy 1 piece per size to prevent hoarding.

Anyhow, I'm loving the special Versace paper bag, and would you just look at the ques in Singapore?

Here are a couple of items that are getting people around the world all flustered.

And for a reason too. You get to wear a quality Versace classic for a fraction of the price.To put things into perspective a couture Versace gown can cost up to US$10,000 while the for the H&M collaboration the most expensive piece in the Singapore store is a S$549 leather jacket.Not good enough a reason? Well then how about wearing the same dress as Jessica Alba?

Yup this is the same outfit as worn as the model above and it cost S$119 for the silk top and S$199 for the silk skirt.

Or how about taking a leaf out of Emma Robert's closet?

The silk bustier cost S$199 while the pants cost S$119.

Or Sofia Coppola perhaps?

The dress on the right costs S$249.

And I can't wait to see how the Asian celebs rock the collection, a prime specimen being Sammi Cheng.

Glittery dress costs S$ 199.

Included in the collection are accessories,men's line, home furnishing pieces and bags.

Here was the guidelines to shopping stated on the official website.

By now I suppose all the garments would have been snapped up and perhaps some on e-bay at sky high prices. Can't wait to see people wearing these collections around. Did you manage to get a piece of the action?

Image source: Google, H&M , Sammi's Weibo.

Some lucky people who managed to snag the pieces were over the moon after all the effort made lining up (except perhaps the university student who made her maid line-up).

Here are some links to people who actually were part of the whole experience:


I really need to make my way down to H&M for the next collaboration.Yes, I'm silly like that.It's all in the experience yeah? Or maybe i should get myself a maid...


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