Sunday, 13 November 2011

Ray November 2011 with Juju Aquamoist Freebie

I'm becoming more and more like an 'auntie' everyday. I went to catch a train in KL Sentral. Since I had time left I went down to the MyNews.Com shop sand saw the November issue of Ray with a really gross looking guy on the cover (well not gross, but how inappropriate right to have a guy on a female fashion and make up magazine, and he's not even the manly type- in fact he looks  very much like a girl).

Thankfully though the content is great. But my 'auntie' gear had to kick in, and so i put back the magazine which was at the front of the shop. Went into the shop to check for posters on discounts, got out of the shop, picked up the magazine again and when I paid I reminded the guy at the counter that there is a free gift with the magazine. I'm paranoid like that. Perhaps because many a times the cashiers are not too good at remembering that there are freebies that the magazine purchaser is entitled to. The ironic thing is half the time i don't even use the freebies. I just feel happy picking up a gift with purchase. 

So anyhow, while stocks last, you would be able to get a 30ml bottle of JuJu Aquamoist with a copy of the English version of Ray magazine.

PS: Is it a sign of me getting old when I get all nostalgic when I look into my neighbours apartment unit and I see children enjoying Sunday morning cartoons?


Fiona said...

Time to think of babies! lol

Cieri said...

OMG!!! my friends are going to be mad if they read you written sakurai sho as `a really gross guy`

saltvinegar said...

Fiona : I memang want!
Cieri: when are u gonna start up a blog? He he Im so sorry I had no idea who he was! But based on the effeminate photo on the cover alone he looks really inappropriately placed! Maybe he looks better on screen?

~mEm0RiEs~ said...

hahaha... Should have a few for yourself.. then you won't need to look ino your neighbour's house edy... lolx~

Cieri said...

I blog,but mainly I ramble randomly there.haha
He is one of Arashi.One of the biggest idol group in Japan.

Maye said...

I'd like to ask if you know if by any chance ships overseas?
I'm from Mexico and I'm interested in getting this magazine.

Thank you very much!

saltvinegar said...

Hi Maye, here is the website :

Nut after going through it , i don't think they ship overseas, only within Malaysia. Are you interested in the whole magazine or only a particular article? I might be able to send you some pages if you want.

Maye said...

Yes, it's quite difficult to navigate of you aren't a member.

Allscript magazines already told me they don't do overseas suscriptions, because they can't guarantee it will arrive to my country, so well, it' just a geographic issue. :(

Basically I was interested in the magazine as I'm at beginner level in japanese and it's easier to read in english.
I can find scans around of the japanese edition but I was pretty hyped at the idea of owning the magazine in a language I can understand better.
Probably we aren't globalized enough.

At least with your cover pic, I'll know a bit of the contents of that edition.

Thak you very much!

And be prepared, next month Tohoshinki (a korean duo) will be in the cover!

saltvinegar said...

Hmmm.. i thnk it shouldn't be a problem for me to send you some pages if you want.. the whole mag might be a bit expensive to send though..

Let me know if there are specific pages you want since i should have no problem buying the magazine :)

Maye said...

You can tell about expensive. ^^;;
I got a buyer to get me the october edition of this magazine and even when the magazine isn't that expensive, the shipping was.

I got in such epic quest because I was looking for the launching edition from september, with Shoujo Jidai in the cover, the one you blogged about before.

I was looking for it because in the Japanese edition there was included another group of "gross looking guys", Kanjani8.

This is sample of the japanese pages.
By any chance the Malaysia edition had this feature or it was cut out?

So if you're are kindly offering some pages of Ray magazine, could it be the Kanjani feature from september? Though probably at this time, it might be pretty difficult to get a duplicate of the first issue, right? (I can pay for it if you do paypal)

If not, the hair tutorial, the Monthly It News or the Alpaca eyes guide from this month would be great, though if it's really too much hassle, we can leave it at that, don't worry! I don't want to be a bother.

You're such a sweet for your kind offering, and I appreciate it a lot, thank you very much! :)

saltvinegar said...

Hey Maye,I've got every issue since the launch of the English edition in September, plus i have quite a lot of magazines which i don't know what to do with. So i'm more than happy to share this with a fellow fan of Japanese culture!

Unfortunately, i don't recall seeing Kanjani in any of the magazines so far, so i can't send you that.

I don't have the current issue with me right now but i suppose the hair tutorials should be in. I have no idea what monthly it news and alpaca eye tutorial is, but i'll check once i have the magazine back in Kuala Lumpur since i'm currently out of town in a countryside called Slim River for 5 days.

Anyhow, i'll see what i can do okay? I'll be buying next months issue too, so you let me know if you want any pages from there. I'll check how much normal postage is to Mexico. If it's not an exorbitant amount i don't think i'll have any problem sending it to you.

And don't worry it's not a bother at all :)

Maye said...

About not being the Kanjani pages in september's edition: Really? Probably Johnny's Jimusho didn't gave rights for overseas printing.

What a pity, and the magazine was a really good edition for summer, for all the contents I've seen around.

I just snooped around inquiring shipping costs and... just a few pages would be OK, really. ^^;;

But if even a few pages make it difficult, really, I don't want to impose on you and I'm willing to pay for it. There must be a way to pull this through.
And whenever you're able to, no pressure.

Thanks! :)

saltvinegar said...

Hey no worries.. shouldn't be a problem.There's a post office where i work. Send me your address to and i'll see what i can do. I don't want you to pay! It's just a few pages!


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