Friday, 4 November 2011

Jay Chou's latest 2011 album - More new songs (周杰倫『你好嗎』(2011新歌), 迷魂曲)

The album is not out yet, but Youtube is already deluged with songs from his latest album! And so far besides 'Mine Mine' I'm really loving this song:

It's called 你好嗎 (How are you?)

This is exactly the ballads that get me yearning for more of Jay. The melodies and lyrics just tugs at the heartstrings. Hopefully there will be more ballads in this album for people like me.

The next song is an uptempo one. It's catchy,fast and furious. Not usually my cup of tea, but lets see if it grows on me.

 It's called 迷魂曲. Don't ask me what this is in English cos really it's beyond my Mandarin literacy.

What do you think of his upcoming album? I know i might be Rm50 poorer come 11/11/11.


Mimi said...

Classic Jay song:) I love his song too!

saltvinegar said...

Hopefully there are better songs to come!


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