Friday, 25 November 2011

Little budget buys

 I seem to have amassed a small number of pictures from my restricted and controlled shopping sessions. Here are some of the stuff i got recently.

Imagine where i bought this? A shop with probably no particular brand at Tesco. I wasn't planning on getting this since i almost always only buy from Vinci (i dunno why- since their shoes don't last very long), and i don't wear heals, and I'm a bit skeptical at shoe shops that sell shoes that are of no particular brand.

I was actually just accompanying my shoe crazy friend who was getting this pair of shoes, and she sort of persuaded me to get this as well.

Normal price:RM69.90, after discount: RM49.90. Conversion rate: US$1= RM3.20 thus
shoes =USD15.50.

These are really nice and comfy, but i have a nagging suspicion that somewhere in China these shoes are going for much much cheaper.

I also bought a vintage charm bracelet from a push cart in Midvalley called Vintage 1988, the kind where you choose your own charms, your own bracelet and the lady will customize the bracelet for you. Again it's probably cheaper on blogshops, but i'm too lazy to wait for mail, and over there the lady can measure my wrist and customize it there and then for me. I made a mental note to ensure i don't spend more than I'm supposed to.

Each of the small charms cost me RM5 each, the larger bracelet RM8 and the finer bracelet RM6 (I wanted double chains) which totals to RM34. These are brass charms with a vintage feel to it. The only reason i customize my bracelets is because my wrists are really small, so ready to buy bracelets don't suit me at all.. some just fall off when i put my hands down.

From Daiso, i got this cute gadget. What do you think it is?

It looks like a correction tape dispenser, yeah? But it actually dispenses strawberry patterns! I know this thing is a useless decorating tool that only serves to satiate my need for all things cute. Plus it's Daiso cheap at RM5.

I also recently went to a Bata sale at ViVo Homes Cheras and every Bata show was really cheap going at RM5 fro slippers to RM20 for shoes. The school shoes were sold for RM10 each and i saw parents buying up to 3 Ikea bags worth of feet apparel!

I did not buy anything from the Bata brand, but there was another section for shoed from other brands and i could not go home empty handed could I? I bought these cute cover-up shoes, since it's a lab requirement that i not where my usual sandals, at RM15. These are surprisingly comfortable but i wonder how long it will last since i have to walk 10 minutes to work everyday.

Oh, and on a separate (but not entirely so) note, Christmas decorations are up! These are some snaps i took at Sunway Pyramid.

I know... the sight of Christmas trees and Christmas music just makes me want to buy presents!


Meng Her said...

hai caroline...
just post the item to u last sat..

i tink u will rcv tomorrow or either wendnesday... ;)

saltvinegar said...

Thanks girl! The poslaju guy actually came to my place today but i was at work. I've called them to have it redelivered to my office on Thurs. Let me know if there's anything you want for Christmas?


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