Tuesday, 8 November 2011

I'm sick~

I would love to update my blog with the usual cutesy stuff i always put, but today however hard i try i am unable to, for the simple fact that i am sick. I hate being sick.I seldom get sick. I have not been sick in the past 6 months. And this time it's not just the common cold or fever. Let me whine a bit ok?

Last Friday i was happily awaiting the long weekends, with Monday being a public holiday due to Hari Raya Aidil Adha. I do not celebrate this particular event but i am happy nonetheless. So when my husband came over on Saturday i was happy and fit as a fiddle. On Sunday morning however, i felt dizzy and when i stood, i felt as if my head was spinning.

Then i started to burp a lot, felt bloated, as well as have cramps over my legs.I also had one episode of watery diarrhea.However the symptoms were really vague and i just could not put a finger on it. Many differential diagnosis went through my mind ranging from the mild, pre- menstrual symptoms and Chinese restaurant syndrome to the more sinister which i don't really want to mention.

After some rest i was well enough to go for a Saturday lunch with my hubby and his friends but generally i was just sleeping and lying down the moment i got home, mainly because of the dizziness.

On Sunday morning, again i had dizziness, nausea, 2 episodes of watery diarrhea and per vaginal bleed ie my period.(No no it's not what you think i had a beta HCG screen)

We (me and hubby) finally put it down to a diagnosis of gastritis and i was stated on Ranitidine 150mg, which rendered me well enough to go for my husbands birthday celebration at night.

But this morning, i finally vomited, had 10 episodes of watery diarrhea and my period had stopped.Sigh, i hate being sick. So for now I'm treating it as a combination of gastritis and gastroenteritis. Luckily i'm starting to tolerate fluids and some soft diet.

What i'm wondering is, how does someone like me who eat regular meals (except during housemanship on-call days) get gastritis? H. pylori? Or is it because i generally eat dinner at 6pm and leave my stomach empty up until the next morning? Compounded by the fact that i eat a lot of citrus fruits after dinner.

Sigh, I'm feeling better now, but there goes my long holidays where i had plans to study, revise for my next module which is microbiology and generally have some quality un-sick time with the hubby.

I really want to be 100% fit soon!

No more rich food for now. Welcome, porridge, plain water and plain bread!


Fiona said...

Take care babe. Get well soon.

shuaddict said...

Hope you feel better soon!

asingaporeanson said...

Get well soon.

~mEm0RiEs~ said...

Gosh~ take care... and get well soon..

saltvinegar said...

Thanks everyone, this cheers me up! Unfortunately, now the vomiting and diarrhea has stopped,i have manifested with a temporal headache and ear ache.

asingaporeanson said...

There isn't a chat box here so i'll leave my comment here. maybe it's too late now my eyes are tired but i thought i saw "Appreaciated Readers" spelt wrongly. Feel free to delete this comment :)

Mie-Mie said...

Fair warning to everyone who shops at SASA.COM

Saw a blogpost about a customer from asia getting duped at her price... =_=


saltvinegar said...

Omgosh thats embarrassing. Thanks for the spellcheck! I really need to care a bit more about spelling and grammar.. thanks icekacangperson :)

asingaporeanson said...

No worries saltvinegar person :)

ellis said...

I have the same problem. Acid reflux causes most of the gastric problems.
No chocolate, chillies, sour/acidic food.

saltvinegar said...

Ellis : ugh... But I love spicy and sour food :(
Ranitidine did not really work well for me and the bd dosing a bit cumbersome. I'm now on Nexium. (esomeprazole) which works better for me

ellis said...

I am on nexium too...great stuff!

saltvinegar said...

Great stuff indeed ;)


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