Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Marc Jacobs, Cath Kidston Japanese magazine freebies

I used to have this 'must buy' mentality with January issues of Japanese magazines. That's because that was the time where I can purchase cute/ branded/ one of a kind calenders. Ever since getting an iPhone, I've been using a physical ( ie paper calenders) less and less. Nevertheless it's good to have a look yeah?

Here are the freebies with January issues of Japanese magazines.

The January issue of Cutie comes with a Liz Lisa make up pouch. Out 12th December in Japan.

The January 2012 issue of InRed comes with a Cath Kidston calender and Zucca tote bag. Out 7th December 2011 in Japan.

This is a really promising one. An Agnes b tote in the typical Agnes B prints but with a black pink theme this time. There have been so many Agnes b freebies this year but the only difference will be that this one comes with a zip.This one also comes out 7th December 2011.

Last but not least Sweet January issue comes with 2 Marc by Marc Jacobs pouches and a Marc by Marc Jacobs calender.


Yumeko said...

so which one are u buying? :D

saltvinegar said...

None.. i'm broke :(


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