Saturday, 19 November 2011

H&M Versace Singapore

When H&M opened it's first store in South East Asia (in where else but Singapore?) a while ago there were already snaking ques going into the store. It comes as no surprise then that with the latest release of the H&M collaboration with Versace (launched 17th November) that even longer ques are expected.Oh, i wish i was there to get a piece of the action!

A report on 'Lianhe Wanbao' stated that there were employers or their children ( the report gave an example of a 25 year old university student) who made their maids line up as early as 2pm the day before the launch!The Chinese evening daily also reported at least 3 maids lining up in que with enough cash and a list of sizes and model of chlothing to get.

Is the hype warranted? I guess it is! We're talking about Versace and also exclusivity. The nearest place to get it is Singapore or else you would have to travel to Hong Kong or China just to line up to buy the clothes.There were 280 people in the que before stores open at 8am. Furthermore you can only buy 1 piece per size to prevent hoarding.

Anyhow, I'm loving the special Versace paper bag, and would you just look at the ques in Singapore?

Here are a couple of items that are getting people around the world all flustered.

And for a reason too. You get to wear a quality Versace classic for a fraction of the price.To put things into perspective a couture Versace gown can cost up to US$10,000 while the for the H&M collaboration the most expensive piece in the Singapore store is a S$549 leather jacket.Not good enough a reason? Well then how about wearing the same dress as Jessica Alba?

Yup this is the same outfit as worn as the model above and it cost S$119 for the silk top and S$199 for the silk skirt.

Or how about taking a leaf out of Emma Robert's closet?

The silk bustier cost S$199 while the pants cost S$119.

Or Sofia Coppola perhaps?

The dress on the right costs S$249.

And I can't wait to see how the Asian celebs rock the collection, a prime specimen being Sammi Cheng.

Glittery dress costs S$ 199.

Included in the collection are accessories,men's line, home furnishing pieces and bags.

Here was the guidelines to shopping stated on the official website.

By now I suppose all the garments would have been snapped up and perhaps some on e-bay at sky high prices. Can't wait to see people wearing these collections around. Did you manage to get a piece of the action?

Image source: Google, H&M , Sammi's Weibo.

Some lucky people who managed to snag the pieces were over the moon after all the effort made lining up (except perhaps the university student who made her maid line-up).

Here are some links to people who actually were part of the whole experience:


I really need to make my way down to H&M for the next collaboration.Yes, I'm silly like that.It's all in the experience yeah? Or maybe i should get myself a maid...

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